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Guarding OUR borders too – KTI-backed volunteers in action on the frontier of Christendom [video]


“Figures in camouflage and ski masks gather at a fishing lodge. Many are armed with long knives, bayonets and hatchets.

“The 35 men and women are on the hunt in Strandzha Massif, a forested mountain range on Bulgaria’s border with Turkey. Migrants trying to cross into Europe are their prey.

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“Their leader, Vladimir Rusev, speaks. A former colonel who says he fought in Chechnya as a volunteer alongside Russians, Rusev declares his support for a man they admire: President Donald Trump.

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“The CIA is trying to undermine Trump,” said Rusev, a compact 58-year-old with a neat mustache and short-cropped hair. “They want to destroy him. We offer our support to him.”

That’s how NBC introduced this brand new report on the activities of the volunteer border guards from the Bulgarian National Movement, Shipka. The unusually objective report is marred by the implication that Shipka attack the migrants they intercept, when in fact they always carry basic humanitarian aid with them to assist any who need it before they hand them over to the authorities.

Still, the report does include dramatic footage of our very good friends from Shipka out on patrol. 

Equipment that the KTI provided them is clear visible: Tactical vests, cold weather clothing, communications equipment and patches combining our Templar cross with Shipka’s famous Wolf’s head all crop up again and again in the NBC report.

Thanks are therefore due once again to all of our brethren who responded to our appeals for funds to allow us to help Shipka. In particular, given that our Bulgarian brethren are defending the borders of Europe from Islamist infiltration, we give particular thanks to our many American, Canadian and Australian members who contribute to these appeals. Both the KTI and the Shipka volunteers really appreciate your vision and generosity!




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