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Video: “So that your children may be free” – climax scene from classic Siege of Vienna movie


Great scene from the classic movie  “The Day of the Siege”, in which the Polish cavalry are exhorted to smash the huge Turkish Army that had been besieging the strategic city of Vienna.

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While the King of France treacherously supplied the Turks with cannons, the Austrians, Germans, Poles and Lithuanians united, while Hungarian forces also fought the Islamic horde in a desperate struggle for survival and freedom.

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At around 6:00 pm the Polish king ordered the cavalry attack in four groups, three Polish and one from the Holy Roman Empire. Eighteen thousand horsemen charged down the hills, one of the largest cavalry charges in history after some ancient chargesJohn III Sobieski led the charge at the head of 3,000 Polish heavy lancers, the famed “Winged Hussars“. The charge easily broke the lines of the Ottomans, who were exhausted and demoralized and fled the battlefield.

Europe was saved, because her Christian armies had put aside their differences and united for victory.

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