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English celebrate St George’s Day – but look how! [video]


It was great to see the continued growth in popularity of St. George’s Day events all over England last Sunday. But it’s clear that the English have a problem and an identity crisis!

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The largest celebration for some years now has been the parade in West Bromwich, and well done to everyone who attended this year and especially to the hard-working and dedicated organisers.

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But why on earth is the parade led every year by a SCOTTISH Pipe Band? Again, fair play to them for turning out, but the fact that the organisers apparently have no choice but to put them at the front of what is supposed to be a celebration of all things English shows just how much the English have lost contact with their own identity and roots.

England has the finest brass bands in the world, part of a long tradition from the time when the urban English working class pulled itself out of the squalor and degradation of the Industrial Revolution by its own bootstraps.

Despite de-industrialisation and mass immigration, brass bands are still an important part of local cultural life in much of the north of England. One of them should lead any major St George’s Day parade.

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Likewise, accordion bands and Morris Dancing are a genuine part of English cultural history. They should be there too. Especially when they ‘black up’ and cause huge offence to liberals everywhere, Morris Dancers are actually a potential very effective and fun protest against political correctness and the marginalisation of the English.

The West Bromwich parade is often also joined by Ulster loyalists (indeed, those look like Orange Sashes at the front). Again, that’s great, as is the support given by many Brummies of Irish descent. But here again, we have to ask, what the hell is wrong with the English? Where ARE they!

The fact that this parade, and all the others, are routinely ignored by the institutionally anti-English BBC and other liberal mainstream media outlets is no excuse. The very fact that the English are forgotten, neglect or abused in so many ways in their own homeland, should be the spur that’s needed to turn St George’s Day into a nationwide show of national pride and resistance.

As it is, the English appear to be sinking into minority status in their own homeland without anything more than the occasional grumpy bit of anti-Establishment voting at elections or referendums. But if the English really think that they’ve got their country back by voting ‘Brexit’, they are going to be horribly disappointed over the years ahead…

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