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JAILED: The racist who beat wife with cricket bat and forced her to drink bleach FINALLY behind bars


A racist wife beater spared prison when he claimed he had a chance to play county cricket was jailed on Friday after the claim was exposed as a lie.

Victims’ rights campaigners were furious when a judge allowed Mustafa Bashir, 33, to walk from court with a suspended sentence after being told custody would ruin his chance of playing for Leicestershire. Join today

When his claims became public furious bosses at the club put out a statement saying they had never heard of him and contract claims were untrue. Bashir had admitted beating his wife with a cricket bat, making her swallow pills, drink bleach and ordering her to kill herself.

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On Friday, Judge Richard Mansell ordered Bashir back to Manchester Crown Court and jailed him for 18 months.

The thug, from Middleton, Greater Manchester, was hauled back to the dock under a rule that allows judges to re-sentence offenders if new information comes to light.

The cricket all-rounder, whose career peaked in the Bolton League, was asked to produce proof of a job offer.

He showed “emails” without “a shred of evidence”.

Bashir denied ever claiming that he could turn out for Leicestershire and suggested there had been a “series of misunderstandings”.

The judge said: “You were clearly making a false claim in the hope you would avoid prison.

There’s not a shred of evidence you were ever chosen to play for Leicestershire, let alone had received any offer of a contract.”

Last month Bashir gave the court a letter from a sports agent claiming that he “had a very bright future” and was given the suspended sentence.

Judge Mansell made the original decision on the grounds that jail would harm his burgeoning career.

Bashir could now be investigated for perverting the course of justice.

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