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World On The Brink of war – remember what War REALLY means [video]


All over the world, armies are ready to march to war. Bombers are ready to bomb. Missiles are ready to fire. Politicians throw insults and newspapers lie the people into supporting war. Is it April 2017, or August 1914? 

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How is this possible? Perhaps because we are now ruled by politicians for whom the horrors of the “War to End All Wars” are some dry entries in a forgotten history book. Even the Second World War is just another chapter of long-gone history, to everyone except the Russians, for whom it is still a bitter reminder of the danger of being attacked by surprise.

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Americans in particular have no understanding of war. Hollywood seems to have convinced most Americans that Vietnam was a serious war, and that their country can therefore clearly ‘take’ the losses that real war entails.

But here’s the stark truth: Vietnam was a late colonial skirmish. The total American losses in ten years of fighting were less than those suffered by the British Army alone in the first two HOURS of the Battle of the Somme in 1916. Now THAT’S a war! And THAT’S what happens in war.

So to all the blustering politicians, media hacks and Equal Opportunity ‘Generals’ busily pushing the world to the brink of war, think on this: When the world went mad in 1914, most families had three or four sons. And generally, at least one of them didn’t come back, but several did.

Today, most families in the West have one son. So when he doesn’t come back from the war for which you fools seem so eager, those families won’t have any sons at all. Just how much of that pain do you think the softened, self-centred, materialistic masses of the West will take before your ‘war effort’ collapses?

And that’s assuming your Third World War by some miracle stays conventional, when logic must in truth lead us to assume that it will go nuclear.

The well-connected among the elite may survive in their well-stocked bunkers under their country golf-courses. But when these fools emerge blinking into a world of ruins, what then? If there is any justice, the survivors of the ‘common herd’ that their lies stampeded into war will simply find the nearest dying tree. And hang the architects of the Ruin of the World from its scorched and leafless branches.


If that sounds angry, just take two minutes to listen to this poem and, as you do so, contemplate the photographs below it. Because no-one wins in a World War…


Image result for dead young british soldier ww1

Dead British soldiers


Image result for dead french soldier ww1

Dead French soldiers


Image result for dead american ww1

American soldiers bury dead comrades in north eastern France


Image result for dead young german ww1

Two young German soldiers. The boy at the back was still alive when this photo was taken


Image result for dead russian soldier ww1

Dead Russian soldier

Image result for dead russian soldier ww1

Dead Canadian soldier


Image result for dead russian soldier ww1


“So you fancy a war, do you? Then send the politicians and the journalists, but leave us out of it!” Please pass this on – yes, that means YOU!


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