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KTI – Winning the Information War [video]


We’re fighting – and winning – the Information War. Here’s an update for you!

In late 2016 the Knights Templar International opened a media hub in the Serbian capital, Belgrade. This is a city that NATO bombed relentlessly for three months in 1999 because the Serbian people dared to fight back against Islamist aggression in the south of their country.

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The city still bears the scars of the bombing campaign and many families mourn the death of loved ones – men, women and children, all victims of the globalist elite and anti-Christian lobbies that thought Serbia was at fault for defending Christendom from Jihadist violence in the Balkans.

Our Belgrade media centre is making good progress, but it is very underfunded and runs on the threads of a shoestring, so we hope our worthy members will do the right thing by donating to help our men there buy the equipment they need.

At the end of last month the Templars held an international training event attended by our American, British, Hungarian and Serbian young members who work in IT and on our media platforms. Above: One of the workshop sessions.

Each young chap is a highly trained and talented specialist. Together they help us reach around SEVENTY MILLION (yes 70,000,000) people globally EVERY WEEK!

These young men work vicious hours to ensure that YOUR Order, The Templars’ are at the forefront of smashing the vice-like grip of the mainstream media who have lied and harassed Christian patriots and anyone holding traditional views for decades.

This is a war, a very real one that we cannot afford to lose; hence we put so much time and effort into recruiting and training the very best people in their fields. Our young people are the best there is but they need help and I respectfully urge you to support the front line activities of our ‘I.T. FIGHTERS’.

Battles are not all about the men on the front line in Syria these days, much of our effective strategy for defeating the enemy is carried out in back offices in the USA, Britain, Europe and Australia, so get active in supporting ALL of our information war soldiers in this fight for our civilisation, freedom and faith – or your children will be left to face what you did not sort out.

Stand with the Order, Stand with Christ, Stand for our children!  DEUS VULT!

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