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Sweden sparks fury by introducing controversial ‘Bible tests’ for Christian migrants


Migrants are now being given “Bible tests” at processing centres in Sweden, sparking outrage and condemnation from human rights lawyers.

The Scandinavian Migration Agency says the quizzes help determine whether those seeking asylum from religious persecution are genuine.

The tests, however, have been roundly condemned amid accusations of cruelty, inaccuracy and the appropriateness of officials taking control of religious matters.

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Carl Bexelius, deputy legal director at the Swedish Migration Agency, defended the decision as “reasonable”.

He said: “It is a reasonable demand that the asylum applicant should show some knowledge of the Bible – this should come naturally, and isn’t something you need to study.”

However, human rights campaigners and members of Sweden’s Christian community have lashed out at the new measure.

Lawyer Serpil Gungor said: “I think it’s terrible. I have repeatedly had to interrupt administrators who ask these questions because they are not relevant and are far too complicated.”

Refugees Welcome Sweden took to Twitter to hit out at the policy.

They said: “Migration Board re-introduces ‘catechism doctrine’. They are testing just Bible knowledge, not faith.”

And religious figures also condemned the decision and said the migration agency had no right to determine faith.

Sweden migrants Bible test

Hans-Erik Nordin, Bishop of the Diocese of Strängnäs, said: “What knowledge does the Migration Agency have about religion and faith?”

And a deacon of a Swedish church said: “Migration Board tests the knowledge of Christianity, not faith.”

The country has now taken in more migrants than any other EU state per capita but following last month’s truck attack in Stockholm the country’s prime minister said the policy would now change.
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