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Terrifying footage of nuclear blast shows danger of neo-cons’ war games [video]


If Jared Kushner and his ‘Deep State’ cronies succeed in getting Donald Trump completely under their control, then the neo-con plan to play ‘nuclear chicken’ with Russia is all too likely to spark World War Three. This terrifying video shows how untold millions will die if that happens.

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Survival City was built in the Nevada desert by the Army for Operation Cue. The goal of the test was to observe how houses, shelters, power lines, a radio tower, metal buildings, food, clothing, and actual people would survive at various distances away from a nuclear blast. Mannequins sourced from J. C. Penney, populated the city.

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The May 5th 1955 explosion was dubbed Apple-2. The all-clear was finally given at 8:10am. The 31 kilotons explosion blast area extended 3 miles out from Ground Zero. Modern nuclear weapons are, of course, many times more powerful. But even this footage makes the claim at the end of the video about surviving nuclear war absolutely ludicrous.

Unfortunately the Deep State criminals circling like jackals around Donald Trump to drag him down to their level do actually believe that they can launch such a devastating nuclear first strike against Russia and China that the retaliatory strikes would be survivable.

By which they mean that they think that they would be able to survive in their bunkers and that the number of American dead would be ‘only’ tens of millions, although Russia (which they hate because their great-great-grandparents left in a hurry after their support for radical leftist violence made them unwelcome) would be destroyed.

Which makes them an instrument in Satan’s war against Christian faith in this world. So Americans must say ‘no’ to the neo-con clique that has virtually taken Donald Trump hostage in the White House. “No More Brothers’ Wars!”

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