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Vile pet owner LAUGHED after posting sick selfie of rodent STUCK to bottle


A cruel pet owner has been slapped with an animal ban after posting this shocking ‘selfie’ of a rodent stuck to a plastic bottle.


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When Raeef Saeed was confronted about the upsetting image appearing on Facebook, he simply burst into laughter.

The smile has now been wiped off Saeed’s face after a court banned him from owning animals for a year and ordered him to carry out 80 hours’ unpaid work.

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The social media image shows the rodent stuck to a plastic bottle with a blue top, and with the animal’s legs splayed wide.
Bearded Saeed, who lives in Melrose Road, Sheffield, is smirking and embedded on the image is an emoji pulling a ghastly face.

Speaking after the case, RSPCA Inspector Jennie Ronksley explained how she arrived at Saeed’s home earlier this year.

She said: “We got a call from a third party who had seen the ‘selfie’ then it ended up on Facebook and the post identified Saeed.

“I attended his house and he was shown a screenshot of the photo and admitted it was him.

“He was laughing and smiling – he couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about as he said he hadn’t killed it.

“He claimed the rodent was a wild mouse he’d caught on a glue board, though vets suspect it was in fact a pet Russian dwarf hamster and co-incidentally the defendant had owned a hamster and even showed me the empty cage.

“He said he’d prised the rodent off the glue board with a spoon and washed it under a tap with water during which time it was squealing.”

Glueboards are legal but a highly controversial system of pest control, with animal welfare charities campaigning for them not to be stocked by high street shops.

They work by ensnaring an animal in strong adhesive that prevents their escape.

RSPCA Inspector Jennie Ronksley added:  “Glue boards are essentially just boards or trays of plastic, wood or cardboard coated in a extremely strong, immediately holding glue.

“They are horribly cruel and cause enormous suffering to the animal unfortunate enough to get stuck in them.

“The act of removing the rodent from this would have been horrific for the tiny creature.

“If that wasn’t enough he then stuck the poor animal to the bottle to take the photo before, he said, letting it go in the house somewhere.

“We don’t know what happened to it after that, no body was recovered, but it seems impossible that things ended well.”

Saeed was ordered to pay £200 costs as well as £85 victim surcharge, after pleading guilty to one offence under the Animal Welfare Act of, on 18 January 2017, causing unnecessary suffering to a small rodent by cruelly ill-treating the animal.

The RSPCA said that Saeed, in mitigation, had accepted it was an “act of stupidty”.

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