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Fund-raising for Syrian Christians and Planning Meetings – Second Polish Visit by KTI


A KTI delegation has just returned from our second visit to Poland this year. Once again our base was the beautiful historic city of Wroclaw (‘Breslau’ in German) though, as always, our team were there for Templar business, not sightseeing.

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The most important business in Wroclaw last weekend as a series of fund-raising events for Christians in Syria.  Highlight of these was a wonderful classical music concert about the history of Christianity in Poland.

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We were honoured to meet with very senior clergymen from Aleppo, who expressed gratitude to all the Western Christians who have seen through the globalist propaganda about Syria and continue to support President Assad and the Russian intervention to back his secular government and the survival of the Christian minority.

The Knights Templar delegation also held a useful meeting with representatives of a new Polish estate agency/management company aiming at Westerners wanting to relocate their businesses or families to the security and sanity of Poland. A growing number of Germans and Swedes in particular are considering this move.

The KTI team were able to give the operation the benefit of our experiences with the same idea in Hungary. Our assessment of Poland is that it has a number of areas of potential great interest for ‘white flight refugees’ from the West.

Property in the cities is good value by Western standards, while country areas such as the hills a short drive south of Wroclaw contain old farmhouses and smallholdings in lovely rural surroundings at a fraction of the cost of similar ‘good life’ properties in Britain. Rural depopulation remains a problem in Poland and Polish patriots are delighted with the idea of traditionalist-minded Westerners bringing capital and young families to the country.

Finally, The Templar delegation held a further round discussions with a group of well-connected Polish Catholic traditionalists on the possibility of opening a KT Priory in Poland. We saw a possible Priory building and discussed at length the draft Charter of Association. Such things cannot be rushed and we hope to return to Poland to finalise the process at the end of the summer. As always, watch this site for further announcements in future.

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