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Jealous Qatari husband glues wife’s genitals


A Qatari court fined a husband a token 40 Riyal ($10) for sealing his wife’s genitals with crazy glue, but sentenced his wife to 100 lashes.

The 33-year-old Qatari man was taken to court after his wife was rushed off to hospital suffering medical complications and excruciating pain.

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He confessed to the judge that he was guilty of gluing her genitals as he was going on a business trip abroad, believing his wife had adulterous ideas after he found out she had liked a post of his 12-year-old cousin on Facebook.

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According to Judge Muhammad Bin Saden of the Qatari court of Justice in Doha, the husband did unjustly bring harm to his wife, although his reasons were “well-intentioned” but put into action in an “awkward way” he said.

The judge ruled that, after going through the evidence and photos the husband had brought to court, the suffering was in part justified, so he decided the woman should be administered 100 lashes as to prevent further “misunderstandings” between her and her husband.

The husband was sentenced to pay 40 Riyal ($10 US dollars) and barred from using any sort of glue or adhesive on his wife ever again.

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