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“Behind Enemy Lines” – KTI Aid & Fact-Finding Mission Deep into Occupied Kosovo [video]


 “Remember we’re behind enemy lines. We won’t be stopping for anything. Whatever happens, I keep driving!” That was the warning from our local guide driver as our KTI fact-finding mission crossed the no-man’s-land border leaving Christian Serbian territory and heading into what is literally the bandit country of Islamist-occupied Kosovo.

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At the start of this summer a small group of senior KTI brethren on Order business in Serbia arranged to make the ‘moderately hazardous’ journey through the occupying Albanian Muslim checkpoints into what remains of Serbian Kosovo, and then on into fully occupied and Muslim-colonised Kosovo and Metohija

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Our mission? To see for ourselves the conditions endured by the besieged Christian minority in the Serbian enclaves, and to take substantial cash donations to the brave Christian monks who co-ordinate the relief efforts for the oppressed and constantly abused Christian families clinging on in the Muslim-occupied heart of their own country.

Back in 1999, Bill Clinton and Tony Blair led a 78-day Nato bombing campaign to force Serbia to hand over the province to the Islamist terrorist Kosovan Liberation Army. Since then, Kosovo has been a ‘narco-jihad’ statelet, nominally independent but in fact propped up by Albania, by huge sums of Wahhabi money from Saudi Arabia and by the Nato Bondsteel base (a key hub in the supply chain for heroin into Europe).

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Hundreds of thousands of Serbian Christians have been forced to flee for their lives by vicious ethnic cleansing attacks by Muslim gangsters. (Above, requiem for murdered Serb civilians) Ancient churches and monasteries have been looted and burned. Christian cemeteries have been vandalised and even dug up, as the fanatical Muslim Albanians seek to wipe out every last trace of the Serbs whose land they have stolen through mass immigration, high birth-rates and Nato interference.

The largest remaining Serbian presence is in the northern suburb of the city of Mitrovica. We were there during the election campaign which saw hardline patriots win every one of the ten seats reserved for Serbs in Kosovo’s Mickey Mouse parliament, while Muslim extremists swept the board in the rest of Kosovo. We listened as automatic gunfire rang out across both sides of the city, which is divided by the River Ibar and the bridge blocked by K-FOR international peacekeepers.

In addition to the 12,000 Serbs living on the frontline in Mitrovica, several thousand more survive in a number of isolated enclaves. The Albanian colonists around them are willing to sell the Serbian farming families essential supplies, but refuse to buy any of their produce, or to let them export it for sale.

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Serbian monasteries in Kosovo only survive if guarded by K-FOR troops, who are also needed to escort monks on their missions to the civilian enclaves.

A typical example of the problems imposed on these tough and faithful Christians was related to us by the senior monk in charge of relief efforts at a monastery which only survives because it has K-FOR troops manning fortified checkpoints:

“The Albanians want to force out Christian families, so they cut off the water supply to the primary school. The Serbian fathers dug a deep well. But at the moment they don’t have a pump and they can’t afford to buy one.”

We were therefore very grateful to our supporters worldwide whose generosity allowed us simply to hand our host 500 Euros-worth of Serbian dinars. “Now they can!”

In the second monastery we visited, we heard of the constant vandalism and theft suffered by Serb farmers at the hands of Muslim bigots and gypsy criminals. CCTV helps to combat this so, there too, we were able straight away to give money to help to supply some.

As well as monks and local residents, the KT delegation also met with the volunteer militiamen who provide basic protection for the Serbs of Kosovo, who shamefully are neglected by the Serbian government as it tries to cosy up to the European Union and Nato – the very people who imposed Islamist-dictatorship on Kosovo in the first place.

When we asked them how we could help, they explained that they fear a lightning Albanian strike to seize the last Christian territory in Kosovo, pushing north to link up with the Albanian forces which are at present in charge but isolated in the checkpoints on the northern border with Serbia.

“If they cut the phone lines and turn off the internet and mobile phone connections, they’ll be able to overrun our villages one-by-one, without anyone being able to warn people further up the line. The frontline families urgently need radio communications equipment so that they can warn everyone else when the attack starts.

“The Albanians want to clear the last Serbs out not just so they can grab our land for their fast-breeding population. They have already turned Kosovo into the centre of the heroin-jihad against the West, but our remaining presence cramps their style. We’re always watching and they know it. That’s why the drug-lords want to get rid of us completely and, if they succeed, it will be bad for you as well as for us.”

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Left: Albanian Kosovan politician greets masked Jihadists enrolled in the narco-state’s terror army.

“We all know it’s coming, we just don’t know when. But when it does, being able to sound the alarm and warn all our people will make a huge difference to how many survive and to the final outcome of the assault on Christian Serbia. We only have to hold out for 24 hours before public pressure forces the Serbian government to send in the army and before Russia can put a motion before the UN Security Council. So 24 hours is all we need, and your help can help us secure that time”

Having heard all this and having seen for ourselves the determination and bravery of our Orthodox brothers and sisters in Serbian Kosovo, we pledged to provide further help as a matter of urgency.

In particular, we want to be able to fund more CCTV equipment and to provide high grade two-way radio kit to the Christian enclaves. This is desperately needed but, as always, we can do nothing without YOUR continued generosity and support. The good news is that we are already close to our $5,000 target; the not so good news is that, until we reach it, we can’t get the best price on the vital comms equipment – and time is running out fast!

So please do not wait until you hear on the news that Albanian Muslim cut-throats have smashed their way through Christian Kosovo. Rather, dig deep RIGHT NOW to help stop it happening in the first place. Thank you for your prompt and generous help for our brave brethren on Christendom’s frontline in Kosovo!

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