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British Army reserves – a recruit’s first year [video]

Exercise Sava Star is an exercise for the 3rd Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment in Croatia. There is 140 Army Reservists on exercise to develop their basic infantry skills within a non Afghanistan environment to bring the Army Hybrid ethos into action for the relevant Army 2020 policy. Soldiers from 3rd Battalion come from the East Midlands and slightly further south towards Ipswich. The exercise consists of all ‘dry’ (non live firing) training, but also incorporates the DTES (Dismounted Tactical Engagement Simulation) equipment. Through the acclimatization to the exercise area which is typical close quarters woodland, a platoon of Croatian soldiers will be imbedded with the Anglians to develop mutual understanding of military tactical awareness in a multi national role.   NOTE TO DESKS: MoD release authorised handout images. All images remain crown copyright. Photo credit to read - Corporal Andy Reddy RLC Email: andyreddy@mediaops.army.mod.uk richardwatt@mediaops.army.mod.uk shanewilkinson@mediaops.army.mod.uk

Thinking of joining the Army Reserve? These clips from the first year of service of ‘Top Grunt’ will give you a glimpse of exactly what to expect and why it’s worthwhile.

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