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ISIS jihadis call on their followers to abduct children, saying that they will then “own them”


Vile, twisted ISIS terrorists have issued the order to their supporters in Europe in an online propaganda magazine

Their unholy edict is accompanied by pictures of children in the Kings College Choir with the caption “It is permissible to kidnap the children of the Harbi Kuffar (non-Muslims)”.

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The orders claim: “If he (a Muslim) kidnaps them (non-Muslim) or their children, or subdues them in any way, then the lives and wealth of the harbi kuffar (non-Muslims) are permissible… they own them.”

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The jihadis go on to call on those “residing in the lands of the kuffar (non-Muslims)” to steal their wealth to fund terrorism.

The statement added: “Do not forget that their war on the Islamic State is dependant on wealth, so purify your intentions, place your trust in Allah, and do not seek anyone’s advice with regards to taking their wealth.

“Proceed forward with Allah’s blessing, for indeed stealing the kuffar’s wealth weakens them, threatens the security of their economies, strengthens and emboldens the believers, and prepares them for something greater than theft.”

ISIS have used kidnapping children as a tactic before.

In Iraq, the terror group has kidnapped hundreds of Yazidi children to use them as slaves or to train them up as suicide bombers.

It comes after supporters of vile terror group ISIS attempted to goad each other into carrying out a terror attack on the Wimbledon tennis tournament.


The group, using an encrypted messaging service, called on terror sympathisers to carry out a lone wolf strikes on the tournament in an attack similar to Salman Abedi’s cowardly assault on Manchester Arena in May.

One commenter posted a map of the Wimbledon compound, along with “#Just_terror” and “Copycat_Manchester”.

Another then posted a visual breakdown of the Manchester bombing, with the caption “hint”.

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