Home inspiration “Lord Dannatt’s Round Britain Challenge” – Epic Voyage To Commemorate WW1

“Lord Dannatt’s Round Britain Challenge” – Epic Voyage To Commemorate WW1


The former head of the Army has launched a challenge which will see 48 injured soldiers and 96 cadets sail around Britain on a specially adapted tall ship.

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“Lord Dannatt’s Round Britain Challenge” will be held in August next year in conjunction with the Jubilee Sailing Trust.

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Duncan Souster, Chief Executive of the Jubilee Sailing Trust, said that the idea came out “quite organically” to combine a commemoration activity around the First World War and an initiative to “bring together the combined cadet forces”.

The route will see the challenge begin in London and set off east around the edge of the UK.

It will hit the capital cities of Edinburgh, Belfast and Cardiff – where the crew will change over in each port – and will end up back in London some 40 days later.

During each 10-day voyage, injured servicemen, cadets and instructors will work as a team to sail the ship to the next capital city, climbing the mast, helming the ship and setting the sails.

In every capital city, the team will be welcomed with a special ceremony and an act of remembrance for the First World War.

At the end of the challenge, cadets will march a wooden shield to the Tower of London, where it will become a WW1 Memorial.

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