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Patriots Get REALLY Organised With ‘Identitarian Greenpeace’ Operation [video]


Lovers of European European and Christian identity have received a huge boost thanks to the Identitaires of France and Italy, who have pulled off one of the most ambitious acts of defiance against the liberal elite in modern history.

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A group of French patriots have had enough of the shocking sight of the EU’s coastal defence forces working with Soros-backed NGOs and Islamist people smugglers to aid the invasion of Europe.

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So the Identitarian ‘Defend Europe’ movement has crowd-funded £80,000 to buy and supply a 25-crew 422 tonne vessel to send to the Libyan coast to publicise or even block the way in which so-called humanitarian organisations are working with the invaders and the sinister people-smugglers.

More than 85,000 refugees and migrants, most of them sub-Saharan Africans, have been rescued and brought to Italy this year, with fears the total could reach 200,000 by December. More than 2,000 have died in crossings, which are organised by criminal gangs with strong connections to ISIS.

In May Defend Europe carried out a failed attempt to block a Soros-funded Médecins Sans Frontières migrant ferry with a small dinghy. Off the back of the stunt has crowdfunded more than €100,000 and bought the larger boat, the C-Star, to pursue its more ambitious plans in the Med.

The group said in a statement that for the new, larger-scale mission it would “overwatch the doings of the NGOs and disrupt the human trafficking rings by sinking the abandoned boats they leave behind”.

It added that the group would offer the Libyan Coastguard support by “saving anyone [it] can” if the boat receives an SOS signal, but that anyone it saved would be taken “back to Africa”, as part of its bid to “guard the borders of Europe”.

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