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“Self-Defence Is No Offence!” So LEARN to Live! [video]


Almost 500 000 homicides and 3 million assaults happen in the world every year. Anyone, anywhere, can be a victim of a violent attack. Now, you can continue to live your life and hope that you will never be attacked. Or you could take responsibility for your own safety, and do something about it.

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CodeRedDefense are one of many organizations offering to teach you self-defence. They’re in the USA, we’re based in Britain. We don’t don’t them. They haven’t asked for this advert.

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But we like what we see, and simply taking action to learn to protect yourself and your loved ones is a thousand times better than doing nothing. So act today!

Nobody can protect you and your loved ones better than you. And a good self-defence course is a great place to start – Knowledge is Power!

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