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Veterans To Provide Disaster Relief After Cornwall Floods


This week flash flooding hit a community in Cornwall and in the aftermath, a group of former armed forces veterans are gearing up to help the residents affected.

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Known as Team Rubicon UK, the group was formed in response to the earthquakes that devastated Nepal two years ago.

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Now it’s members, along with those from across the world, have gathered for the first time to share their experiences of responding to natural disasters.

The group refers to themselves as the ‘Greyshirts‘

Team Rubicon UK have assisted both in Britain and overseas, providing vital support when storm Desmond hit Cumbria in 2015.

The team is currently operating in Uganda, where they’re helping to build facilities to feed thousands of refugees from Kenya and South Sudan.

Team Rubicon

The group was first formed by two marines in the United States as a response to the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti in 2010.

A group of like-minded British Armed Forces veterans felt the same need to help when a massive earthquake hit Nepal in 2015, giving rise to Team Rubicon UK.

Since then, their ethos of calling on former servicemen and women for help has spread to around the world to Canada, Australia, The Netherlands, Italy, Denmark, and Norway.

For many veterans, leaving the military for civilian life is hard, and Team Rubicon allows them to use their training and experience to help those caught in the aftermath of natural disasters.

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