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The Battle that Saved Europe in 1920 – this day in history. VIDEO


The Battle of Warsaw, which began on this day in 1920. was one of the most miraculous moments of deliverance of Christendom from alien tyranny. Poland, on the verge of total defeat by the Bolshevik armies that had already raped Russia, repulsed and defeated the invading Red Army. It was, and still is, celebrated as a great victory for the Polish people over Communism.

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As Soviet forces invaded Poland in summer 1920, the Polish army retreated westward in disorder. The Polish forces seemed on the verge of disintegration and observers predicted a decisive Soviet victory. It was clear that, if the Reds – directed by ‘Trotsky’ – crushed Poland, they would push on into Germany and put the strong Communist party already into power at bayonet point.

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France would have been next, and the whole of Europe could have fallen to the Communist plague which, in a carbon copy of today’s Islamist menace, had been hugely funded by New York-based bankers in order to destroy the old, Christian order.

The battle of Warsaw was fought from August 12–25, 1920 as Red Army forces commanded by Mikhail Tukhachevsky approached the Polish capital ofWarsaw and the nearby Modlin Fortress.

On August 16, Polish forces commanded by Józef Piłsudski counterattacked from the south, disrupting the enemy’s offensive, forcing the Russian forces into a disorganized withdrawal eastward and behind the Neman River. Estimated Russian losses were 10,000 killed, 500 missing, 30,000 wounded, and 66,000 taken prisoner, compared with Polish losses of some 4,500 killed, 10,000 missing, and 22,000 wounded.

The miraculous defeat crippled the Red Army; Vladimir Lenin, the Bolshevik leader, called it “an enormous defeat” for his forces. In the following months, more Polish follow-up victories saved Poland’s independence and shielded the whole of Western Europe from the horror of Bolshevik take over.

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