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C-Star and the Defence of Europe [videos]


There is considerable excitement on the ‘right’ over the arrival of the Defend Europe charter ship C-Star off the Libyan coast on its operation to expose and, if possible, to disrupt, the Soros-backed NGO operation to assist Islamist people-smugglers in flooding Europe with migrants.

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Without doubt, the C-Star venture is the boldest and in many ways most effective useful stunt ever attempted by opponents of the destruction of Europe through mass immigration. To that extent, and recognising their considerable personal courage, we wish the crew the very best of luck.

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But when activists onboard speak on video of this action as a way of ‘saving Europe’ by ‘forcing the government to act’, they are selling false hope as part of a fund-raising drive.

This is nonsense! Dangerously naive nonsense. Because the truth is that, even if they managed to stop all further immigration via this route, Western Europe is still finished. The elite plan to use the surplus population of Asia and Africa to destroy the peoples of Europe is now so far advanced that shutting the doors will not help.

The population of migrants in general, and Muslims in particular, is already so big, and growing so fast, while the indigenous population is already so old and set to shrink so fast, that no government that could possibly be elected could do what it would take to ‘save’ the situation.

While well-meaning opponents of Western suicide insist on pretending that there is any practical ‘answer’, and on relying on liberal governments to ‘do something’, they are wasting time and resources that should be spent preparing individuals and communities for the now inevitable collapse into minority status and civil war.

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The C-Star operation has enormous symbolic value, and shows a new degree of ambition in the movement for Western survival. Without doubt it will attract the attention of, and help to radicalise, even more young people.

But make no mistake, the only sort of boat which will be of use in Europe once the coming trouble kicks off will be one like the Clyde Valley (see last video).



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