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The Charlottesville Trap – and how the REAL target is President Trump [video & KTI Analysis]


More and more people are now realising that Charlottesville was not a disaster by accident, but by design. There is wide acceptance already of our analysis exposing the Alt-Right freaks, who were suckered and aided by the Soros-funded ACLU into giving the Fake News Media a giant stick with which to beat the entire ‘right’ and President trump himself.

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The ‘Alt-Right’ characters who were played for fools are running around like headless chickens. They’re jumping off Rebel.Media like rats off a sinking ship. Meanwhile, Ezra Levant and Gavin McInnes have condemned the Alt-Right over Charlottesville, but their ‘condemnation’ is more than a little strange given that McInnes himself PERSONALLY flew to meet Kyle Chapman, aka Based Stickman, and appointed him to run the Proud Boys physical force wing, the Alt-Knights.

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It is a matter of public record that Chapman in turn appointed the Satanist Augustus Sol Invictus as his Alt-Knights deputy. So if McInnes and his boss Levant have REALLY changed their minds, they need to distance themselves from the jailbird dug-user Chapman and his twisted sidekick.

Perhaps they’re just in too much of a blind panic to even think straight. That’s certainly the case with Chapman’s fellow ‘Unite the Right’ leader Christopher Cantwell, who has released this truly PATHETIC video in which he is literally crying with fear over the possibility of being arrested. Cry Baby Cantwell is clearly genuinely shocked to find that the liberal Establishment doesn’t fight fair.

This is what happens when SJWs and Libertarians suddenly think it’s going to be fun to play at being ‘right-wing rebels’, without having the years of bitter experience that REAL rebels – pro-life campaigners, home-school enthusiasts, serious anti-immigration campaigners and such like – have acquired the hard way.

And it’s going to get a whole lot worse. Now that the Charlottesville Trap has been sprung, the liberal elite are engaged in a gigantic purge. It is now open season on the sprawling, disconnected alternative media ‘right’ which has dominated social media for years and which used that dominance to mobilise Middle America to vote for Trump, and working class Britain to vote for Brexit.

All of us are in the firing line. We’re all losing platforms, portals, payments systems – the aim is simple: Demonetise and break the reach of every single ‘rightist’ voice in social media. And the Charlottesville Trap is the excuse they’ve been waiting for. The Soros-funded left has just launched a war of political and financial extermination against us all.

Having said that, don’t think for a moment that all this effort is directed primarily at people like us, or at any of those now lumped together as ‘Alt-Right, from Zionists like Rebel.Media right through to the wild Nazi fringe.

No! The real target is President Trump. The Democrat/Soros/Republican/Deep State elite are going to move against him. They are are going to try to take him down. But they know that, before they do so, they have to remove the conservative and rightist voices in the alternative media who would speak out and mobilise popular resistance.

Before moving in to impeach or drive out Trump, they have to restore the effective news and opinion-forming monopoly of the Fake News Media. Just as Antifa have to be given the green light and help they need to become the only effective political street-fighting force (hence the frantic media deception campaign to cover up or ‘justify’ their outrageous violent aggression).

That’s the reason that Nazis, Satanists, homosexuals and police grasses and well-meaning but naive idiots were helped by the far-left ACLU to create the disaster in Charlottesville that has now tarnished the entire ‘right’. That’s the reason for the ongoing purge. And it’s the reason things are going to get a whole lot tougher. 

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