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“Pray for Texas” Templar call as Trump visits stricken state to pledge rapid aid [video]


On top of taking action to ensure that disaster relief funds reach Texas quickly, President Trump travelled to the storm-hit state today to show support for residents reeling from the effects of hurricane-turned-tropical storm Harvey, and to assess the first stages of the federal recovery effort.

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“Right now every American heart sends its love and support to those whose lives have been upended,” Trump said at the White House on Monday. “We will get through this. We will come out stronger.”

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To avoid complicating ongoing rescue efforts, Trump will sidestep Houston, where flood waters are still rising. Instead, he and the first lady will visit the Corpus Christi area, where Harvey made landfall Friday night, packing 130 mile-an-hour winds. Trump said he may pay a second visit to the region on Saturday. Depending on the path of the storm, that trip could also include a stop in Louisiana.

The president has been eager to travel to Texas since the weekend, but said he waited until he could do so “without causing disruption.” Trump tweeted on Sunday, “The focus must be life and safety.”

The Knights Templar International also sent a message of support to people in Texas: “Templars around the world have been saddened by the images of homes and communities wrecked by this natural disaster. We ask all our members and supporters everywhere to pray for the victims and for the prompt recovery of all the communities affected,” said Grand Master McBride yesterday evening.

“We also ask our many members in nearby states to find practical ways in which to help their fellow Americans. God bless you all.”

Meanwhile, Obama’s attempt to make political points out of all that cold water landed HIM in hot water!

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