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Ring of Steel Protects Lourdes Pilgrims [video]


CATHOLICS making the Holy pilgrimage to Lourdes, France, are being surrounded by a ring of steel as police are on alert for a terror attack.

Tens of thousands of Catholic pilgrims will pour into the south-western French town over the weekend to celebrate the Feast of the Assumption. Join today

Operation Sentinel will see heavily-armed elite soldiers carry out round-the-clock anti-terrorism patrols after the January 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris.

A terrorist attack is a possibility we cannot ignore

Local prefect, Béatrice Lagarde

Sniffer dogs and bomb disposal experts have also been deployed to the religious site.

The Lourdes sanctuary, which is currently surrounded by police, will be accessible only through three gates instead of 12, and pilgrims will be subject to security checks and bag searches upon entering the secured site.

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