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Sausage Fest For British Soldiers In Estonia


This weekend, the small town of Tapa in Estonia was home to a rather unusual event.

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Grillfest 2017, a Bake-Off style BBQ, has been held in Tapa for the last few years, but this year the British soldiers stationed there decided to try their hand at the culinary art of barbequing.

Sausage Fest For British Soldiers In Estonia
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The 5 Rifles Battalion Group deployed to Estonia as part of Nato’s provocative Operation Cabrit took on the Estonian ‘Sausage King’ who has taken home the Grillfest crown for the past 8 years.

In their Camo covered Army Field Kitchen, Sgt Carl Winsper and his team of two chefs had to cook six pork bangers to perfection, followed by the sausage ‘showstopper’ in which they created their own recipe.

They decided to give their dish a World War Two theme, with smoked pork, apple, black pudding and rosemary sat on beetroot jam, with fondant potato and caramelized carrots and a beef caviar.

Sausage Fest For British Soldiers In Estonia

The judges took the event very seriously, with official scoreboards from the Estonian Grilling Union.

Although they didn’t beat the ‘sausage king’, the team came a respectable 3rd.

Commanding officer of 5 Rifles Lt Col Andrew Ridland said of the festivities:

“It’s been really fun. It’s big competition- taken very seriously. For us to take part this year has been a great bonus for the chefs”.

“We have a team of 20 chefs working 24 hours a day to provide food for the 1000 troops stationed out here. They’ve done a really great job with loads of ingenuity”.

“The local Estonians couldn’t have been more welcoming to us. We have at least 5000 people today that the soldiers are interacting with. It’s been a fantastic community day.”

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