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Video: Driver wrestles a bloodied migrant from a car he is towing to the UK and is spat at and pelted with rocks


An asylum seeker was spotted breaking into a British-registered car on his trailer before hiding himself under a coat on the back seat.

His attempt was witnessed at a garage just a mile from the port yesterday.

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While the driver was filling up the illegal migrant crept up to the trailer carrying three vehicles and slipped unnoticed into a blue Peugeot 307.

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Alerted to the attempt, the driver forcibly dragged the screaming man from the vehicle by his feet.
The bloodied, one of scores loitering at a service station, then spat in his face as his friends threw rocks at the vehicles.

The extraordinary scenes will send shivers down the spines of thousands of British families using the ferry and Eurotunnel terminals this summer as they return from holiday.

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