Home LGBT Vile: PinkNews article describes Prince George, four, as a ‘gay icon’

Vile: PinkNews article describes Prince George, four, as a ‘gay icon’


A row has erupted after an LGBT newspaper published an article speculating whether Prince George was a ‘gay icon’.

It has faced a backlash with a leading Irish politician calling the piece ‘outrageous and sick’.

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Online site PinkNews published an article based on social media reaction after the four-year-old prince was photographed with his hands on his face during a trip to Germany last month.

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Benjamin Cohen, the chief executive of the media outlet, described it as ‘tongue-in-cheek’, based on the comments on ‘hundreds’ of social media users.

But now the site is facing growing pressure to remove the piece after Jim Allister, leader of the Traditional Unionist Voice said it was ‘inappropriate’.

The BBC reported he wrote to PinkNews demanding it withdraw the article and asked for an apology.

Mr Cohen told the Beeb he had ‘no intention’ of removing the article at the behest of a politician who opposed the rights of people from the LGBT community.

The original article, written by Josh Jackman, was published with the headline: ‘People think Prince George looks fabulous in this new photo’.

He wrote: ‘Prince George has become a gay icon overnight. The monarch-to-be has always been cute and well-dressed, but one day before his fourth birthday, a photo of him excitedly holding his face changed everything.

‘At least, that’s what the people – sorry, his subjects – are saying.’

The BBC reported Mr Allister said: ‘Sexualising a young child in this fashion is entirely inappropriate.

‘In reality, the photo which prompted the piece shows a four-year-old boy who is smartly dressed and excited about being on a helicopter with his male father and female mother.

‘To take an image of a little boy and to fantasise of him being an icon for a life defined by sex is outrageous and sick.’

Mr Allister said he was disgusted by the article and tried to refer to the Independent Press Standards Organisation but couldn’t as PinkNews had not signed up to its practice.

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