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British Troops On The Ground Helping Those Affected By Hurricane Irma


Royal Marines deployed to the Caribbean are continuing their efforts to provide humanitarian aid to those affected by the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma.

A specialist disaster relief team from the Royal Engineers and Royal Logistics Corps have restored power to Anguilla’s hospital and provided temporary homes for those left homeless by the storm.

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Whilst RFA Mount Bay’s Wildcat helicopters from 815 Naval Air Squadron have been flying over the island to assess the devastation.

The UK military has responded to the disaster by deploying 700 troops to Anguilla, Turks and Caicos, and British Virgin Islands (BVI), equipped with Puma helicopters, medical supplies, as well as engineering and communications equipment.

Currently, there are 40 Royal Marines stationed in the British Virgin Islands.

HMS Ocean has just arrived in Gibraltar in order to pick up supplies before her Caribbean deployment, although will not reach the area for another two weeks.

Hurricane Irma
Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon has said that regular military aid flights will continue.
The UK Government has, however, faced some backlash claiming that the military response to the crisis was far too slow.
The Royal Navy will first deliver equipment to Anguilla, before moving on to the British Virgin Islands.
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