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Diane Abbott reveals ‘her plan’ to frustrate Brexit


Labour’s Diane Abbott has expressed her determination to sabotage Brexit and take the country on a new course to leave the European Union during a live BBC show.

The shadow home secretary dismissed radio host Jonathan Dimbleby’s mocking of calls for a second Brexit referendum as he read out a listener’s tweet.

Ms Abbott instead called for the public to “get rid” of the Tories and let Labour take the UK down its Brexit path instead.

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Speaking on Any Questions? on BBC Radio 4, Mr Dimbleby said: “Masses of tweets here. Here’s one, ‘we should have a referendum, about having a referendum on a transitional deal before a referendum on a final deal.’

“I think we can move on from there. Do you really want to come in Diane?”


Abbott took the opportunity to put the Labour party forward for the job of leaving the European Union.

Labour have been torn on whether to remain a member of the single market or not with leading politicians giving conflicting answers to the media.

Senior party MP Chuka Umunna broke ranks and attempted to amend Theresa May’s Queen’s Speech to lock Britain into the EU’s single market.

Ms Abbott said: “There is a way to get a very different type of Brexit and that is to get rid of the Tories and elect a Labour government.”


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