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European Replacement – The Great Death [video]


Does the native population — by which he means the white population — of Europe face extinction? That’s the question asked by French financier Charles Gave on his website Institut des Libertés – and his answer is  “yes”:

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“It is not good or bad. IT IS”, Gave writes. His basic argument is that with a “native” rate of fertility of 1.4, a “migrant” — by which he means mainly Muslim — rate of 3.4 to 4 children per woman, and taking the initial Muslim population to be 10% of the total, it will take only 30 to 40 years for the Muslim population to become the majority.

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Gave was immediately attacked as a ‘racist’ for daring to talk about “le grand remplacement” (“the great replacement”) of the native population by a new, migrant population.

Ranting against the “foolish calculations” of Gave, the Communist Party-linked newspaper Libération wrote that the Muslim population is not 10% of the French population, but less; that the fertility rate of the native population is 1.8, not 1.4; that the fertility rate of the migrants from the Maghreb is 3.53, not 4 and that the concept of “Muslim origin” is nonsensical.

Who then is right, Gave or his critics?

Let us begin by noting that the observation from Libération is fundamentally weak. Gave writes that the fertility rate of the Muslim migrants is between 3.4 and 4 — not 4, as Libération falsely claims (Gave: between 3.4 and 4, Libération: 3.53, exactly the same). Moreover, nobody knows the exact proportion of Muslims in France, because the French State explicitly forbids any kind of religious or racial census — but 10% seems a reasonable and moderate estimate. In addition, Libération misses the only real mistake in Gave’s calculation: with a fertility rate of 1.4 and considering an initial population of 100, no other factors being taken into account, after two generations you do not have 42 children (Gave), but 49 (100 x 0.7= 70 x 0.7= 49, not 42).[1]

Gave concludes: “The immense news of the next thirty or forty years will thus be the disappearance of the European populations, whose ancestors created the modern world.”

Only two or three generations ago, tens of millions of Europeans knelt several times a week in churches to show their adoration of Jesus Christ. Forty years after this religious fervor, almost nothing remains. What we have instead is the well-known phenomenon of “dechristianization”, which has engulfed the whole of Europe.

Side-by-side with this, Europeans are not making babies anymore. And this has nothing whatsoever to do with Islam; this “malady” is entirely self-inflicted.

In his book, The Population Bomb, published in 1968, the American biologist Paul Ehrlich wrote that the best method to reduce population is the legalisation of abortion. And that was without even considering the effect of birth control.

When Europeans began to legalise both birth control and abortion 40 years ago, a few years after Roe vs. Wade (1973), the Catholic Church warned of the risk of Europe becoming a “morbid civilisation”.

Forty years later, we can see that Paul Ehrlich as well as the Catholic Church were right: Europeans evidently feel they have better things to do than look after babies.

Abortion has recently assumed epic proportions in countries such as Sweden or France. In France, there are 200,000 abortions a year. To put things in perspective, there are in France around 750,000 births a year. France, therefore, is aborting 20% of its babies each year.

The French Parliament recently made abortion an absolute right (the Vallaud-Belkacem law of 2014). Before that, the mother had to be in a condition of distress for an abortion to be legal. This “condition” — which was never verified nor controlled — has now been done away with and abortion is now an everyday right, such as the right to drive a car or buy a sandwich.

The French Parliament also recently outlawed “digital obstruction to abortion”. This outrageously totalitarian liberal law makes it a criminal offence to disseminate “false information” concerning abortion in order to deter women from having one. But what is “false”? Is it false to state that the psychological consequences of abortion are often devastating? Is it “false” to illustrate the clinical steps of an abortion? Is it “false” to put the value of human life above anything else? Of course not! But these facts are the ones targeted by the liberal Thought Police.

By the way, if “free speech” shall not entail the right to say “false” or even abhorrent things, the speech is free no more. This law means that probably around 99.9% of American pro-life websites are now set against the French criminal law: Americans, beware! In France, the right to have an abortion is now a dogma, and effective opposition to abortion is increasingly a crime.

And this is helping advance the process whereby the European population is very efficiently wiping itself out of existence. Indeed, with a fecundity of 1.4 the initial, “native Western” group of 100 becomes fewer and fewer — 70, 49, 34, 24, 17, 12, 8, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1 — in thirteen generations. The result is mathematical.

The “white death” of Europe is a mathematical reality; and this plague is self-inflicted; it began with the legalization of “birth control” and abortion even before the massive influx of Muslim migrants. The same, it must also be said, applies to European America.

That uttering such a truth — routinely predicted by such respected figures as the philosopher Raymond Aron (author of In Defense of Decadent Europe), the former Prime Ministers Michel Rocard and Alain Juppé, or even former President François Mitterrand (“demographic suicide”) — causes such mayhem and furious condemnations in the media, reveals that in Europe, not only is the “native” population dying, but free speech as well.


[1] Actually it’s probably around 45, if you take into account the fact that for a population of 100 you have 48 women able to procreate. See the book of the demographer Jacques Dupâquier, “Ces migrants qui changent la face de l’Europe” (with Yves-Marie Laulan), Paris: L’Harmattan, 2004.


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