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In Hoc Signo Vinces – In This Sign We Will Conquer [video]


The Latin motto IN HOC SIGNO VINCES means, “In This Sign We Will Conquer.” It was the motto of Constantine I of Rome.

Emperor Constantine I saw this phrase with a cross in an apparition, before the battle of Milvian Bridge. The cross Constantine referred to was not a Christian cross, but a kind of X which had both Christian & pagan associations:

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The Roman empire had been divided for many years into two halves, East and West. This was originally to make it more manageable, now that it had grown to such a massive size, but unfortunately, given the ambition of the empire’s leaders, it led to more, not less, infighting and civil wars.

Constantine I, whose father had been a deputy emperor before him, had just been proclaimed emperor by his troops. Maxentius, the son of the former head emperor, who had been previously declared emperor of the west, took issue with this.

Constantine, being the usurper, led his troops to Rome, where Maxentius was holed up. The two armies faced off on each side of the Tiber river, the cradle of Rome. It was unclear which side would emerge victorious.

Then, the story goes, Constantine looked into the sky. There above him, the apparition of the cross appeared.

“In hoc signo vinces”, the script below it read. Constantine ordered his men to put the symbol on all of their shields. With this newfound confidence, they routed the enemy, and captured Rome, crowning Constantine as the undisputed emperor.

This is cited as one of the key drivers behind the emperor’s adoption of Christianity.

More recently, the motto has been appropriated by various freemasonic bodies. Let’s get this clear: Freemasonry is HERESY. It ‘downgrades’ God the Creator to a ‘Grand Architect’, who assembles materials ALREADY in existence. This is a key reason why the Knights Templar International completely and without reservation REJECT Freemasonry.

We know that many British and American masons are very decent people, but the fundamental clash between the heretical ‘values’ of Freemasonry, and ours, means that we do NOT accept freemasons as members of the KTI. So please don’t ask, as refusal often offends!


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