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Patriots Plan Statue To Christian Resistance Hero [video]


Leading Hungarian patriot, Mayor László Toroczkai has conceived an ambitious project to honour one of the greatest events in the long struggle to protect Christian Europe from Islamic invasion. We urge all our followers to check this out, watch the video below and make a serious commitment to help this inspirational vision become reality.

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The aim is to erect a memorial in the honour of the Siege of Belgrade of 1456 on the Hungarian-Serbian border – which is also the external border of the European Union – next to the border-crossing station of Ásotthalom, on the territory of the Memorial Park of Southern Hungary that is being built there. The spot of the memorial is also ready to welcome the arrival of the monument.

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In 1456 our ancestors managed to stop the expansion of the Ottoman Empire, thus they defended the Christian Europe. This monument is symbolical, this cause of symbolical, because in the past months, in the past years, here, in this spot on the Hungarian-Serbian border we successfully stopped that expansion, that conquest, which in the guise of mass migration, threatened the present-day Christian Europe.

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Saint John of Capistrano was born in Southern Italy.  When he heard of the Turkish invasion of Serbia to led a band of Crusaders who hurried to help and rescue the Hungarian and Serbian soldiers who were fighting under the direction of János Hunyadi and Mihály Szilágyi to protect Europe’s most important, key fortress, the Castle of Belgrade.

Still, today we cannot find statues of Saint of John of Capistrano, on the contrary, his statue was removed from the medieval church of Szeged. We believe that he should not be erased from history, he should rather be seen as an example to modern Europeans, because his example shows that,even against overpowering odds, we can defend Europe that was built on Christian values.

The total cost of the memorial will be 10,5 million forints.[£30,000, $40,000 or 30,000 Euros)

It is our deliberate aim to establish this grandiose monument from the joint donations of citizens from as many European countries as possible, because with this memorial we would like to send the message from here, the south-eastern border of the European Union, that European people, against any overpower are able to defend themselves, are able to protect European civilization, not only in the Middle Ages, but also in the XXI. century.

Those who would like to support the cause, can do so by sending donations to the following bank account:

Paypal : sancapestrano@gmail.com

Bank transfer :
Hatvannégy Vármegye Alapítvány
IBAN : HU71-10102842-08769400-01003004

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