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Practical Aid For Christians Under Attack – Latest KTI Kit Delivery Arrives [video]


Here’s the latest big batch of equipment, donated by the Knights Templar International to hard-pressed Christians on the front-line against Islamist aggression in the Balkans.

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The recipients have asked us to protect their identities, but they also asked us to pass their grateful thanks on to everyone who donated money to help pay for this urgently-needed equipment.

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21 top grade ballistic tactical vests, 22 of the best walkie-talkie sets on the market, and two GPS systems have now all arrived safely with the people who need them most. We also thank all of our loyal and generous Sir Knights, affiliated members and supporters who helped us make this investment in the security of Christians on the front line in a tinderbox.

Serious, practical aid, delivered where and when it is needed to help Christians organise to resist and overcome Islamist infiltration or oppression. It’s only one of the things the Knights Templar International do, but just at present we believe it is the most important. Once again, very many thanks to all concerned!


Note on video below: If you are not yet ready for serious levels of Christianity, this video’s information about the KTI, who we are and what we do starts at 1 minute 42 seconds in…


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