Home News Preparing For A Crisis: Troops Start Flood Prevention Training

Preparing For A Crisis: Troops Start Flood Prevention Training


Troops from 2nd Battalion, Princes of Wales’s Royal Regiment have been doing flood prevention training. They joined other agencies in Northamptonshire on the exercise.

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The training took place in Pitsford Water in Northamptonshire and luckily for the locals, this isn’t a flood risk area, but it is the perfect back drop for a flood prevention exercise.

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From early morning, the environment agency, fire brigade, local council arrived and they were joined by more than 20 personnel from Second Battalion, The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment.

Their job, to install these flood protection barriers.

And after a quick briefing, they were straight into it building straightforward, but hopefully, effective barrier system to try and hold back the flood waters.

The barrier they build stretches, twisting and curving, as it would do around topographic features, just as it would do if deployed for real.

In recent years, military personnel has been invaluable assisting with flood emergencies so this is extremely useful training, which will also form part of a multi-agency command exercise later in the year.

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