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Video: An Innis Aigh – Gaelic traditional song – in Gàidhlig (Scottish Gaelic) language


Listen to the hauntingly beautiful sounds of this Gaelic traditional song.

Sing this song to the Happy Isle, The green isle of whitest sands, Though storms at times threaten severel, It is where I love to be

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Where does summer come earlier? Where do trees come into bloom sooner? Where does the thrush sing more sweetly, On the tips of branches, than in the Happy Isle?

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The most prized fish closest to land, Wishes to live about its shores, Lively youths hunt it early in the morning, With line and net, around the Happy Isle

And although I sometimes go to the mainland, And at times even think that I could stay there, A sad longing whose heat never cools, Always draws me back to the Happy Isle

It is only a short time until the close of day, Night will come and I will want for rest, My eternal sleep will be so peaceful, If I lay my head in the Happy Isle

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