Home Christian Values Watch Gay Leftists Abuse Gay Rightists in Bristol Farce

Watch Gay Leftists Abuse Gay Rightists in Bristol Farce


The collective insanity of the morbid fascination with LGBTQNCP+ ‘politics’ was on show in Bristol last weekend as homosexual leftists hurled abuse at homosexual Counter-Jihad protesters. Ordinary shoppers watched the scenes in understandable confusion.

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The Gays Against Sharia protest was organised by the unlikely UKIP leadership candidate Anne-Marie Waters, who is a left-wing, pro-abortion, Irish Republican, atheist, who has nevertheless come to oppose Islam because of its stance against homosexuality.

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The Marxist counter-protest was spearheaded by a group of lesbian students and social workers, because the usual Antifa contingent was much reduced in size when the police ordered them to remove their face masks. A majority of Antifa’s hardcore street fighters immediately panicked at the thought of being identified and decided they had pressing engagements elsewhere!

We have said it before, but we will say it again: The Knights Templar have absolutely no sympathy for the argument that Islamisation is bad for the West because the imposition of Sharia law might affect the ‘rights’ of groups such as homosexuals or bankers. We are opposed to Islamisation because Allah is a False Idol, and because it is part of a wider liberal/cultural Marxist attack on Christendom and on the traditional identity of the nations of Europe.

The liberalism espoused by Waters is the cancer of which Islamisation is merely a very unpleasant symptom.

The LGBTQNCPB+ mania is part of the same attack. A plague on both their houses!

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