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Football Lads’ Alliance and the Long Term Struggle Against Jihad & Terror – KTI ANALYSIS VIDEO


Up to 70,000 people march against terrorism and appeasement in central London, but the BBC and all the rest of the broadcast media except for RT  IGNORE them! The anti-terror march organised last weekend by the Football Lads Alliance and Veterans Against Terrorism was by far the largest patriotic protest in post-war British history.

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This should have been big news, yet it got the silent treatment from the ‘liberal elite’. What could illustrate better the depths of appeasement and anti-British sentiment at the state-funded broadcaster?

The footage from this event is truly impressive. And the more we have spoken with KTI supporters from around the country who attended, the more we have concluded that – for now at least – this really is a grass-roots protest. So congratulations to all who attended.

There is a massive difference between the broadly-based and highly disciplined FLA/Veterans Against Terrorism initiative and the phoney, manufactured, rowdy EDL that appeared out of nowhere in 2009 thanks to massive (and since well-documented) financial and organisational backing from US-based Zionist extremists.

The organisers of the FLA are absolutely right to keep the police grass and Quilliam Muslim collaborator Tommy Robinson off their platform. But they did so for the wrong reason. They should have kept him off because of his track record of betraying his comrades for money, for working with Muslim pressure groups and the police, and for being aligned with a foreign vested interest group which wants to use white working class Brits for its own ends.

But for Phil Campion to tell Robinson that he should not even attend such protests because he is a ‘racist’ was totally wrong. Tommy Robinson is many things, but he certainly is NOT a racist. In any case, the word ‘racist’ is left-wing propaganda jargon used to shut down debate.

It is sad that a former SAS man is so scared of political correct bullying by the Marxist enemies of Britain and Islamist fellow travellers that he allows them to dictate who can attend a march. It’s not right for him to say that the protests are non-political, but then allows ultra-left wing slogans and pressure to push the whole thing to the left.

The struggle to find a future for our people, nations and Faith IS political. It has to be. And it is AUTOMATICALLY against the internationalist, pro-immigration, pro-Islamist left. It is automatically RIGHT-WING.

By his own admission, Big Phil knows nothing about politics. Perhaps it’s time for the main organisers to have a quiet word with him and find themselves a spokesman who does.

Because Tommy Robinson has as much right to attend and report on FLA protests as anybody else. More right, in fact, because – for all his faults – at least he has spoken out, at considerable risk to himself, against some of the worst aspects of the Islamisation of Britain.

So good luck and God speed to all the thousands who turned out to join the giant FLA protest.

What they need now, however, is leadership with a realistic strategy. In this respect, it is necessary to make some constructive criticism of their spokesmen’s trusting belief that marches like this will force the Powers That Be to wake up and take action to save Britain and make all our children and grandchildren safe.

It is time to be realistic: The political elite will not take action to put things right. For two reasons: First, it was the political elite that took the actions that made things go so terribly wrong in the first place. Mass immigration and Islamisation didn’t just happen, by mistake. It was all planned that way. The political and economic elite have decided that the Brits, like all the other peoples of Europe, must be replaced by a – they think – more controllable and exploitable mixed up mass.

Their response to protests such as this will not be to listen to the concerns of the good people on them, but to increase the level of repression of politically incorrect opinions, and the scale of the brainwashing of the next generation in state schools and on TV.

Which brings us to the other huge problem, and the key reason why things will not be turned around and ‘put right’ by events such as this – heartening though it I to see such first real stirrings of resistance:

Just look at the average age of the good men on this protest. True, many are Forces veterans, so are automatically going to be older. But many are from football firms. So where are the youngsters?

Yes, there are some, of course, and fair play to them. But compare the faces on last weekend’s march with those at a typical match back in 1976, shown in the short video underneath this one.

The contrast tells you all you need to know about the very core of the problem with Islamisation – the ‘average Muslims’ are young and breeding huge numbers of children, while the native Brits who want to turn the clock back are, in general, in their forties or fifties.

So now let’s get more serious still. Let’s think about the situation when the government refuses to take any action except repressing British resistance to the ‘Great Replacement’, and when the exploding numbers of highly radicalised Muslims get even more aggressive.

Almost everyone on the FLA march knows that civil war is on the horizon. But how many have really thought through what it takes to hold your own once things descend to that level?

No doubt the veterans who marched would turn out once again to fight for our country, because they are the bravest of the brave and the best of the best. But wars are won and revolutions are made by young men. Very often by teenagers.

It’s partly because they have the energy and aggression. Partly because young men think they’re immortal. That’s why they march happily off to war. Then the survivors come back and have children.

You only have to look at videos or photos from the start of the Troubles in Northern Ireland, which is the closest we can get to seeing what is going to happen when the Islamist uprising begins in earnest. On videos and photos from the late 60s and early 70s, you will see, on both sides in that conflict, that the vast majority of those fighting to defend their communities and impose their will on the other side were teenagers or in their early twenties.

Now, compare that with the good-hearted chaps out with the FLA. And then think about the school playgrounds in almost every major town and city in Britain. And then, if you didn’t already understand the full horror and scale of the problem, you should do so now.

Things like Brexit and the FLA are the last big gasp of the old, British, Britain. In just a few years time, there will be no possibility of such things even happening, because the generation who made them happen is about to die off at a shocking rate.

Worried, angry and frightened Brits can march all they want. But the BBC will continue to ignore them. The politicians will continue to treat them with contempt.

And their ‘replacements’ will continue to breed children and to raise the fighters who one Friday at some time in the not too distant future will simply take the streets and complete the seizure of Britain. And the same is true in the whole of Western Europe.

The Islamist takeover will be stopped. Our nations will be restored. Eventually. But not by those who think that history is made by fifty-year-olds who still think football games mean something, when in reality they are one of the drugs used to keep the masses under control, while their country is stolen from under their very noses.

Things will be turned around – by those who understand that history is made, and nations are rebuilt, by Faith, large families in safe havens, and young men under arms. The time for those young men and those arms will come, but it is not upon us yet. So what is needed now is Faith and large families. Large families in places safe not just from Islamist terror, but also liberal brainwashing.

Older people have a role to play in this, but as facilitators, with good advice, encouragement and money. But it is the young who must turn to new ways, ways that will help our people win the coming One Hundred Years of Resistance and Reconquista.

Those who don’t yet see this will keep marching, and good for them, at least they care enough to want to do something. Those who understand it will come to us, and join us in doing things that are useful. Constructive actions that will be the first steps in the Long March which is the only way to “take our country back”. Deus Vult!


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