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A Fright At The Opera [videos]


“The Armed Man” opera was taken from London to ‘culturally enrich’ Romanians. It included a muezzin calling “Allahu Akhbar”. But the event didn’t turn out quite as expected

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The multiculti event was supported and financed by the European Left as part of the campaign to impose on eastern Europe the same mass immigration and Islamisation that they have used to destroy traditional Western Europe.

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They first tried it at the national opera in Bucharest, and they were refused. Then, because the mayor of Cluj is a leftist, they succeeded in presenting the multicultural London opera in Cluj.

And then during the performance a group of protesters from the Romanian ‘New Right’ started singing the Romanian national anthem…

The full Romanian national anthem makes it very clear what the tyranny was which Romanians are rightly proud to have resisted and overcome…..

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