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STUNNING Templar Castles in Beautiful Slovakia [video]


The beautiful, small but increasingly prosperous nation of Slovakia is one of those pushing back hardest against the EU plan to swamp Europe with Muslim immigrants. And this isn’t the first time that Slovakia has taken its place as a bastion of Christian Europe. In medieval times too, Slovakia played host to the Knights Templar, who built many castles and priories there.

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Some are definitely known, but others are almost certainly of Templar origin too, given the fact that other Orders or noblemen suddenly appear in the records owning them immediately after the forcible dissolution of our Order, with no mention of the previous owners!

Well served by international airports and travel links to neighbouring central Europe, friendly, beautiful, good value, Slovakia is a great place to visit for a holiday – whether you’re looking for history, scenery, nature or adventure. And not a Muslim migrant to be seen, which makes it safer than most Western tourist traps!

A number of the castles shown in this video were built by the Knights Templar:

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