Home Islamisation EXPOSED: Sharia marriages and polygamy – the truth about Islamised Britain

EXPOSED: Sharia marriages and polygamy – the truth about Islamised Britain


Almost two-thirds of Muslim wives in Britain were married in Sharia ceremonies which are not legally binding. Meanwhile polygamy is on the rise.

The survey of 923 women, conducted by 20 Muslim female community researchers for public broadcaster Channel 4, also found that over ten per cent of Muslim wives are in polygamous relationships.

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One woman who did not even realise her marriage was polygamous told the programme — The Truth About Muslim Marriage — that her husband had repeatedly put off following the Nikah ceremony with a civil marriage, which would have given her a number of important legal protections with respect to her children and the division of assets.

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She eventually “found out that he had been married to another woman for 13 years before he met her and had another wife as well. When she refused to carry on in a polygamous marriage, she was unable to get a divorce as she had only had a Nikah. She had to sell her house and most of her assets and ended up homeless and had a mental breakdown.”


The Truth About Muslim Marriage was shown on Channel 4 on Tuesday, and is also available to view online.

Needless to say, the programme carefuly avoids the elephant in the living room: The effect on the demographics of the most radicalised sectiion of the Muslim community.

So let us spell it out: Their numbers are going to EXPLODE!

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