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Hungarian Identitarians Visit KTI – and Take Home A Warning!


“We knew it was bad, but when you see it for real, the situation on the streets of England is truly shocking!” This was the response of four young leaders of the Hungarian Identitaires movement who the Knights Templar International hosted and helped during a visit to England last week.

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The Hungarians had earlier told us of their plans to shoot material for a hard-hitting short

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film for distribution at home , to show the Hungarian people just how disastrous mass immigration and Islamification have been for Britain.

The Hungarian government’s brave stand against EU-imposed Muslim migration quotas has led to huge pressure being brought to bear by liberal Europe and by pro-migration NGOs funded by George Soros and the American Deep State. So it i important that good counter-propaganda goes out to help rally even more ordinary Hungarians behind efforts to protect their country from Brussels-sponsored invasion.

To assist with this worthy and important effort, the KTI arranged a whistle-stop tour of some of the most Islamified parts of England. Starting in London, the tour headed northwards, taking in Luton and Leicester before heading up to Yorkshire.

Our guests were especially shocked by the streets of the Muslim ghetto in Sheffield which has ironically been swamped by gypsies from Eastern Europe. The streets were literally swarming with gypsy children, and the contrast between the actually very neat and tidy state of the Muslim streets and the utter squalor of those now occupied by gypsies was stunning. No wonder that tensions between the two migrant groups are so serious, and growing all the time!

Travelling across the whole the former steel capital of the world, our party got a good insight into the sheer scale of the Islamification of Sheffield. Then it was up to West Yorkshire with an itinerary designed by local KTI contacts to see Dewsbury and Islamified areas such as Savile Town, then a drive through other equally foreign suburb and then over to Bradford.

We saw the places which produced the 7/7 Bombers and where they worshiped, and gave our guests ample opportunity to gather the footage they need to make their warning documentary.

“We knew we would see a lot of mosques, but we thought there were just a few big ones and a lot of smaller ones in converted houses and churches. We saw plenty of the smaller ones – in some areas there’s almost one in every street – but the number of mega-mosques was a real shock. It’s clear that there’s a parallel society being built here.” 

In addition, we also held very useful discussions about developments in the Europe-wide network of Identitaire organisations. We were also pleased to “feed and water” these committed and very well-educated young Christians, and to show them some examples of the ‘Old England’ from the days before the liberals began the ‘Great Replacement’.


As always, our sincere thanks to our regular donors and members whose loyal and generous support makes it possible for us to help out with projects like this.


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