Home EU Hungary Blasts EU Brexit Negotiator Guy Verhofstadt as ‘Reliable Soros Ally’

Hungary Blasts EU Brexit Negotiator Guy Verhofstadt as ‘Reliable Soros Ally’


In its ongoing struggle with the EU over the forced redistribution of migrants, Hungary has taken down European Parliament heavyweight Guy Verhofstadt in a pull-no-punches open letter.

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The letter, penned by Secretay of State for Public Diplomacy Zoltán Kovács and addressed to “reliable Soros ally Guy Verhofstadt”, takes the Belgian MEP to task for his “recent Facebook rant”, in which he denounced the Hungarian government as “disgusting” for  “targeting Mr. [George] Soros in person”.

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“In the lively European debate over how to handle the migration crisis, I have noticed two competing and decidedly different approaches,” Dr. Kovács notes in the letter seen by Breitbart London.

“On the one hand, the Hungarian government, which promotes a pro-security, strong borders approach to the migration pressure, and wants to have a democratic discussion and open debate.

“The opposing, pro-migration side, represented by George Soros, his network of non-governmental institutions, allies and sympathisers would rather quash debate, pressure opponents, and disregard the will of the citizens.”

Dr. Kovács chides Verhofstadt, who represents the European Parliament in the EU’s Brexit negotiations with the United Kingdom, for deploying “sensational drama” in his claims about Hungary’s national consultation on the Soros Plan for the migrant crisis — which Budapest believes is influencing EU policy.

Verhofstadt claimed the consultation reminds him “of the worst times of European history” — an apparent reference to the financier’s Jewish heritage.

“Criticizing Soros’s aggressively pro-immigration stance is not anti-Semitism, as pointed out by significant members of the Jewish community, including [Israeli] Prime Minister [Benjamin] Netanyahu,” notes Kovács.

Dr. Kovács went on the suggest that Verhofstadt’s true motives for springing to the billionaire open borders activist’s defence were less noble:

“What bothers you the most, dear sir, is likely something else.

“Your name appears prominently on the leaked internal list of the Soros network, a list that names reliable allies in the European Parliament as supporters of Soros-backed causes.

“You supported decisions in the European Parliament that would enforce mandatory resettlement quotas, would impose significant fines on non-compliant member-states, and would assign a role for non-governmental organisations in the resettlement process.”

The Hungarian said that Verhofstadt’s claim that the Soros Plan does not exist — despite the financier having published it on a public website in his own name — was “outrageous”, and insisted the public have a right to make their thoughts on it known.

“If democratic values were important to you and your fellow, reliable Soros allies, you would defend this right and try to convince the people of the merits of your position. Instead, we get this base behaviour.

“I suppose we should not be surprised. Those like you who promote this pro-immigration position and the ideological agenda of Soros are the very same people who would relocate migrants onto the territory of sovereign states, without any regard for the will of the people.”

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