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Soros-funded hacks lie about KTI aid for Kosovo Serbs [video]


When a liberal-left Serbian magazine published hysterical claims that the KTI have “supplied weapons” to Christians facing Islamist ethnic-cleansing in the occupied Serbian heartland of Kosovo, our research department got to work to find out exactly who is behind the lies. In this week’s Knights Templar International News bulletin, Marina explains what we found….

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The KTI hit the headlines in Serbia this week, when an MP from the New Party made totally unfounded allegations that the Templars and Serbian patriots had supplied weapons to Christians in Albanian-occupied Kosovo.

The New Party – Nova Stranka – has only three MPs. It is unpopular because it is in favour of the EU, Nato and Serbian surrender to liberal social policies and foreign economic exploitation.

One of its MPs, Marinika Tepic, used her parliamentary privilege to make the libellous claim from the legal safety of the Serbian parliament.

She said that the pictures she had seen of the equipment appeared to her to show guns.

Here’s another view, which shows every piece of equipment donated by the Knights Templar International. Radios, tactical vests and GPS trackers. Nothing else.  Not so much as a pea-shooter!

Its purpose? To help oppressed Christians in Kosovo organise a network of peaceful observers who would alert their communities and the wider world in the event of a renewed ethnic cleansing drive by the Albanian gangsters in occupied Kosovo.

You can judge for yourself if Marinika Tepic has bad eyesight or if she is just lying when she says she sees guns.  Then remember that her party has a long history of selling out the interests of the country to the highest bidder – which is usually the American Deep State or George Soros!

And, when we look into the source of her groundless claim, we find that it does indeed come from people who are bought-and-paid-for liars.

The lie about the KTI and guns was based on ‘research’ by the Crime and Corruption Reporting Network (KRIK). This might sound respectable, but it is in fact nothing more than an attack dog for a sinister collection of liberal globalists.

Among its financial backers are the Open Society Foundations of George Soros, the Rockefellers and the National Endowment for Democracy,which is well-known as a CIA front.

More money came from the Swedish government-financed Civil Rights Defenders. This operation funds liberal attacks on Russia and support for perverts and freaks everywhere that traditionalist governments try to protect their people from liberal decadence.

KRIK in turn is part of the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project . Occrap is also funded by Soros, the Rockerfellers and various pro-EU liberal corporations.  Another major donor is US Aid. American taxpayers often think US Aid hands out their money to help out after natural disasters, but in fact is a tool of the Washington/Wall Street military-industrial complex.

Among the partner organisations of the people responsible for this disgusting lie about the Templars and Serbian patriots is The Global Investigative Journalism Network

As we see on its own website, the G.I.J.N. has been funded by George Soros through his Open Society Foundations ever since 2003.

Once these professional liberal liars had produced the fake new ‘research’, it was published this week by Balkan Insight.

This is the flagship of the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, BIRN. The article opened with the claim that

Quote. Russian-linked Serbian monarchists and a British far-right organisation have been seeking to equip mystery groups in north Kosovo in order to resist what they believe will be an attack on Serbs by Kosovo Albanians. Unquote.

BIRN emerged from the Balkan programme of the London-based Institute for War & Peace Reporting, I.W.P.R, back in 2005. We have unearthed their accounts for last year, and they make interesting reading:

People who blame George Soros for every liberal attack on freedom and the truth, whether in Serbia, the EU or the USA, are seeing only a small part of the picture. As we have already seen, much of the funding for this liberal subversion comes from the U.S. Deep State and its puppet regimes in places such as Britain and Sweden.

It seems that they use Soros as a pantomime villain. If right-wingers get too obsessed with him, they lose sight of the fact that the people doing the most to subvert free nations such as Serbia, and to destroy the nations of the West,  are actually the political and financial elites of the Western world.

A good illustration of this is the funding of the Institute for War and Peace Reporting. IT is not backed by Soros. More than a third of its money from the UK Foreign Office. It also gets huge lump sums from the unfortunate taxpayers of Norway, Sweden and the European Union.

These facts are well known in Serbia. The Informer newspaper has described several media outlets, including BIRN, as foreign mercenaries for the CIA and others.

Its headline here reads, “America and the EU paying liars and racketeers”   and the article went on to expose the way  KRIK and BIRN, are financed by Western globalists to destabilise Serbia – as well as to tell lies about the KTI.

The lie machine built by Western governments and Soros extends worldwide. Among their other regular targets are the governments of Russia and the Philippines. Their propaganda hoaxes led directly to the disastrous war in Iraq and helped destabilise the entire Middle East, thereby aiding the rise of Al Qaeda and ISIS.

While researching all this we unearthed a report in Time magazine. On June 13, 2012, it carried the headline      Hillary’s Little Startup: How the U.S. Is Using Technology to Aid Syria’s Rebels

The article reported that: Quote   as U.S. officials have revealed to Time, the Obama Administration has been providing media-technology training and support to Syrian dissidents by way of small non-profits like the Institute for War & Peace Reporting and Freedom House.  Unquote

It went on to say that the operation spent 57 million dollars in the three years from 2010 – much of it funding the so-called Arab Spring. That CIA stunt led directly to the rise of ISIS. And it created the refugee crisis in which Soros money financed the invasion of Germany by more than a million young Muslim men.

So, in a strange way, it is rather good that these very sinister people have felt it necessary to attack the Knights Templar International.  Because you only incur the hatred of those who side with the devil, when you are yourself doing the work of God.

Which means we can expect further attacks from the liberal lie machine in due course. Deus Vult!



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