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Templar News Round – U.S.A. SPECIAL [video]


This week saw the first anniversary of the election of President Trump, so this broadcast focuses on the U.S.A.

One year on, how is it looking? The economy is stronger. Good working class jobs are being created, rather than destroyed. for many left-wing pro-immigration programmes has been axed. Thousands of illegals have been deported.

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But there are disappointments: Planned Parenthood still gets taxpayers’ money to murder babies. The Wall has still not been built. Antifa has not been banned as a Domestic Terrorist group.

Internationally, the important thing is that the President has halted Operation Timber Sycamore. This was Obama’s multi-billion dollar gun-running operation to arm Islamist ‘rebels’ in Syria. Donald Trump has very sensibly stood aside and let the Syrian Army and the Russian Air Force get on with the job of wiping out Islamic State.

Just this week, Syrian government troops liberated the very last Syrian town held by ISIS. The so-called Islamic State has been destroyed. ISIS still exists, but now it is a terror gang, not a Caliphate. Donald Trump’s decision to give the Syrians and Russians free rein to achieve this huge victory on behalf of all the free peoples of the world was a wise and good decision.

Let us thank God that Trump was there to make it, because if Hillary Clinton had won, she would have gone to war to protect the head-cutters!

America also saw an important change in right-wing circles this week. Billionaire  conservative donor Robert Mercer announced on Thursday that he is selling his stake in the website Breitbart News.

Explaining his decision, Mercer attacked former Breitbart News editor Milo Yiannopoulos, saying he was mistaken to have supported him, and for several weeks has been in the process of severing all ties with him.

All sorts of people who should have known better, including  Alex Jones,  have given Milo support and treated him as credible and good.

Yet he is not. He is a blasphemous pederast.

While many so-called ‘right-wingers’ sided with Yiannopoulos, the KTI repeatedly drew attention to his sympathies for perversion and Satanism. In an earlier broadcast I told viewers how:

“He professes to be a Catholic, yet he recently went through a bogus same-sex marriage, in itself a deeply blasphemous act of rebellion against Christ and the Church.”

My colleague, the Hidden Templar,  slammed Milo in a video entitled: War For The Soul of the ‘Right’ – how the leaders of the Alt-Right are All Wrong!

These KTI broadcasts have a very substantial reach, especially on Facebook, where the KTI network is major player in independent news.

The Templars have published articles on the subject too:  Let’s get this straight – Milo doesn’t speak for us, was one.  In it the KTI criticised the revolting spectacle of him singing the American national anthem while dressed in drag.

While millions of decent Americans were appalled, it was the Templars who noted the fact that he was carrying a Bible. In an article promoted on Facebook to a large number of extra viewers, the KTI message was blunt:

“The Bible is crystal clear about sodomy, so true Christians have no choice but to reject this sort of poison. That’s not our opinion, it is God’s!  Milo – get your paws off our Bible!

“No right-thinking traditionalist should EVER have regarded this filthy creature as a legitimate spokesman for our position.

“He – and the others like him who infest the ‘Alt-Right’ – may be anti-Islamist and anti-leftist, but only because they are socially and ideologically ultra-liberal.  They are actually further from the traditions of Europe and from being advocates of a properly ordered society than many Muslims are.

“As such, Milo and his ilk should be rejected without hesitation or compromise by ALL traditionalist Christians and patriots.”

Additionally, advance copies of a new book exposing the deeply anti-Christian agenda of many leaders of the so-called Alt-Right, including Yiannopoulos, have been quietly circulated to influential people.

We will probably never know whether these efforts influenced the decision of the committed Christian, Robert Mercer, to break his links with the pederast Milo, but it is in any case a very welcome development.

Finally, and speaking of something that is very un-welcome, the terrible church massacre in Sutherland Springs has yet again shown the hypocrisy and dishonesty of the liberal Fake News media.

The mainstream news networks are deliberately concealing the real motivation and significance of the slaughter of 26 innocent people: This was an ANTI-CHRISTIAN HATE CRIME!

If an evil killer shot up a synagogue and turned out to have been following four Nazi groups on Facebook, the media would immediately make headlines of the obvious link: “Hate Crime! Nazi monster guns down Jews”. If an evil killer shot up a mosque and turned out to have been following four anti-Islamist groups on Facebook, the media would immediately make headlines of the obvious link: “Hate crime: Islamophobe monster guns down Muslims”.

But the fact that killer Devin Kelley was a long-term ATHEIST, and despised and hated Christians, has been hidden away in the small-print. How many Americans know that a former classmate of Kelley’s revealed that : “He was always talking about how people who believe in God were stupid and trying to preach his atheism”.

Several mainstream news outlets have mentioned the fact that his Facebook page showed him following at least four atheist groups, but not one of them has so far published the telling screenshot which provides this information:

And not one of them has published what should be the real headline: “Hate crime”: Atheist monster guns down Christians”.

Nor have they told Americans that Kelly was also a fan of CNN, which of course makes it almost certain that he was a Trump-hating leftist.

This was a hate crime. But because the victims were Christians and the killer a left-wing atheist, the Fake News media don’t want you to know.

What can Americans do about this? Three things come to mind: One. Remember the victims and their families in your prayers tonight.    Two. Share this video as widely as possible, because the more people who come to understand how the Fake News media lie, the quicker their power will fade away.

Three. Remember that the Sutherland Springs tragedy also proved once again that the best answer to bad guys with guns is good guys with guns. And arm yourselves accordingly.

As we are instructed in Luke 22: 36:

 “He that hath no sword, let him sell his garment and buy one”. Deus Vult!




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