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Templars Host Central London Dinner for International Youth Leaders


Encouraging, guiding and helping good young people. We regard this as one of the most important duties and activities of the Knights Templar International.

In our latest effort in this field, the KTI recently hosted a dinner event in a top London venue to assess the merits of the growing right-wing youth scene. Today we see a new phenonium happening before our eyes, as young, highly-educated university students flock to the defence of Europe through organisations such as Generation Identity, Pegida and various ‘Alt-Right’ intellectual and cultural groups,  Internet media outlets and publishing houses.

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As Templars we have a duty as experienced people to guide and assist the next generation in our fight – if they are worthy and follow a sound ethos.

With this in mind we invited representatives from many different groups drawn from all over Europe and America. During the meal we discussed all aspects of the current situation, the threat of Islamism, the demographic crisis, the fall of the West and the insanity of the liberal left.

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We also explored the obstacles faced by young patriots today, issues like police infiltration and those who would try to use the legitimate fears as a vehicle to promote foreign and alien agendas. We had some senior and experienced advisors at the meal, who came to the conclusion that the youthful groups are a mixed bag.

Some are social liberals who oppose Islam for fear that it would curtail the decadence and immorality of the West. These groups are hardly recognisable as in any way ‘right-wing’, as they support LGBT, Abortion, Multiculturalism, Feminism and every other issue that has led the West to the brink of annihilation.

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Interestingly ALL of these liberal groups are pro-Zionist and very anti- traditional Christian. Many are actively and openly in the employ of Zionist-run organisations such as Rebel Media, others have more concealed links, but these groups were all drawing from the same well.

These operations include many decent, (if not a tad naïve), young idealists. We will continue to try to guide them along a better path, but we understand that these groups could well be enemies of our Faith, Cause and people in the future. This is why, while reaching out a friendly, guiding hand to young people drawn to them, we are working hard to expose the sinister forces seeking to exploit them.

However, there are other groups which are far more sound and sensible. These invariably retain a healthy attitude towards the Christian religion. even if only as an historical and cultural necessity to resist the invasion. Many of these young men and women understood that we are facing ‘The Great Replacement’.

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They are also rapidly coming to understand that this is not just the result of mass immigration and the high-birthrate of the newcomers, but also of the corresponding collapse of ours as a result of liberal decadence, globalist economics and the cultural Marxist assault on Christian values.

The Islamist threat is very real, but it important that those determined to oppose it realise that it is only a symptom of a much deeper crisis. Islam is one of the most deadly weapons against Christendom in the arsenal of even more dangerous enemies.

The demographic crisis that will see all Western Europe collapse in less than 10 years. Sadly, being young, idealistic and inexperienced, many of the new young leaders and activists think that they can stop this and even reverse it. But, like King Canute’s courtiers, they will soon find out that one cannot turn back the tide.

They will also come to understand the extremely totalitarian and repressive tendencies now coming to the fore in the liberal elite. The ‘Great Replacement’ is not an accident; the Powers that Be decided to implement it, and they will ruthless crush anyone who threatens their genocidal ‘Project’.

We are sure that the young generation of activists will soon be forced by events and experience to see that this analysis is the realistic position, the correct position, and that wasting time on pipe- dreams will only further add to the death toll when the Catastrophe strikes.

The good-hearted by naive hope that everything can be put right with banner drops or changes the discourse within the political system will potentially lead our people to suffer the same fate as the Yazidis, by delaying the implementation of serious preparations for ‘lifeboat’ operations.

This is why we believe that it is right to invest time, money and effort with these young people, just as we do with people in Eastern Europe who are  organising, within the law, to protect their borders and communities’

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Finally, we would like to say that it is very heartening to see for the first time ever so many young and well-educated young people rising up. It is now certain that, as the West collapses, there WILL be a cadre of capable and motivated ‘officer class’ recruits in every country in Europe to lead the response.

As Templars our job is to ensure that these young men are given a sound education, first in the True Faith and then in the skills of diplomacy, administration, logistics and everything else they will need to lead our people in the future.

We do not care if they become Templars in the future, but they MUST be devoted, staunch and uncompromising Christians who will die before they disgrace the faith once delivered unto the Saints.  We Templars will move mountains to help such young men. Of this you can be sure of, WHY?  DEUS VULT! That is why!

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