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U.S. Warplanes Guided ISIS Rats Out of Death Trap – CONFIRMED! [video]


Thousand of ISIS fighters trapped like rats in the capital of their collapsing ‘Caliphate’ were allowed to escape by American-backed forces. Worse still, a huge convoy of the head-cutting vermin were helped across the desert by American warplanes dropping flares to guide them.

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When Russian news agency Sputnik first revealed this disgrace three weeks ago, the report was dismissed as ‘fake news’ by the Western MSM. But now it has been confirmed as true by the Daily Mail.

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British jihadis are believed to be among hundreds of foreign fighters allowed to escape Islamic State’s former stronghold Raqqa with the help of the coalition forces who we had been told were going to exterminate them.

Almost 4,000 IS militants and their families were reportedly allowed to leave in a four-mile convoy as the group were defeated in the city in Syria last month.

Witnesses said it included ‘huge’ numbers of foreign fighters – including some English speakers – who are said to have since spread out across Syria and into Turkey, potentially en route to Europe.

This was despite the coalition being assured that no foreign fighters would be allowed to leave and previous US pledges that they would all be killed rather than allowed to return home.

Footage obtained by the BBC shows ISIS fighters crammed into the back of trucks and lorries as the jihadis flee the Syrian city of Raqqa

The clips shows heavily-armed men in masks and combat gear huddled into the back of vehicles that formed a huge convoy 

The clips shows heavily-armed men in masks and combat gear huddled into the back of vehicles that formed a huge convoy.

The convoy, also said to have been carrying tons of weapons and ammunition, left on October 12 bound for territory still held by IS.

“IS fighters carrying AK47s sat on top of some of the trucks and squeezed into trailers.

In May, US Defence Secretary James Mattis described the fight against IS as a war of ‘annihilation’.

The coalition confirmed that it monitored the convoy from the air but that it did not have boots on the ground. ISIS were dug deep into Raqqa before the convoy left, including hospitals 

 “One driver hired to take part in the convoy said there was a ‘huge number’ of foreign fighters among the thousands involved, including many from Europe.

“Another mentioned a number of foreigners – including female fighters.

“Many of those who escaped have now moved on from Syria, with human traffickers on the Syria-Turkey border reporting a boom in business with the influx. One who has helped smuggle 20 families into Turkey in the past week said most were foreign. ‘Some were talking in French, others in English, others in some foreign language,’ he told the BBC.”

The map produced by the Mail points out that at least some of the fighters were last seen headed towards the ongoing fighting between ISIS and the Syrian Army and its allies. As far as is known, not one Islamic State rat escaped by the Syrian army encirclement of Deir Ezzor, so most of the ISIS fighters thus redeployed from Raqqa to the fighting in south east Syria with U.S. help will in due course be wiped out by the Syrians and the Russian Air Force.

On the other hand, the ones who have headed for Turkey will in due course end up in Western Europe. When the terror cells ISIS are building up in cities such as London, Paris, Stockholm, Madrid and London strike in earnest, just remember that some of them will have got into position with the help of the criminals in charge of the Pentagon and the US war machine. President Trump should fire them all!

The BBC report has not appeared on YouTube, but this earlier video confirms that this is not the first time this has happened:

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