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“We’ve Gotta Get Out Of This Place!” – More Messing With Little Children’s Minds

Drag Queen Story Time, Bristol Like This Page · 18 October

Two shocking pieces of news from London have just highlighted the almost unbelievable, insane extremism of people in charge of educating very young children.

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First, a leading chain of tax-funded nurseries has announced that is holding ‘trial’ sessions indoctrinating toddlers to be ‘LGBTQ+ tolerant’ and to introduce them to homosexual drag queens.

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Drag Queen Story Time (DQST) is holding sessions at seven nurseries run by the London Early Years Foundation over the winter. If deemed successful, they will be rolled out across all the nursery’s 37 sites.

The chain receives taxpayer cash as many of its children qualify for Government-funded childcare. Besides reading to the children, sessions so far have included a ‘Halloween drag disco’, face painting and ‘high tea’.
Drag queens at DQST include Donna La Mode, who wears a ginger wig and is described as ‘the Fairy Queen of the drag world’, and ‘hyperactive’ Aida 

Drag queens at DQST include Donna La Mode, who wears a ginger wig and is described as ‘the Fairy Queen of the drag world’, and ‘hyperactive’ Aida.

The cross-dressers are reading nursery rhymes and singing specially adapted songs ‘to teach children about LGBT tolerance’.

Twisted nursery bosses say the sessions are needed so that children can ‘see people who defy rigid gender restrictions’ and grow up to combat hate crime.

They want to target two and three-year-olds to influence them early, as they say at this age children have not yet developed any discriminatory ‘isms’.

The ‘performances’ are the brainchild of Thomas Canham, a Bristol University law graduate and part-time cross-dresser who dismisses traditional notions of masculinity as ‘meaningless’.

The aim of Drag Queen Story Times is, according to its website ‘to capture the imagination and fun of the gender fluidity of childhood while giving children a glamorous, positive unabashedly queer role model’.

He said he wanted to create a ‘safe space’ where adults or children would not be criticised for ‘wearing a dress’. His drag queens had ‘complete control’ over their performances, he added.

‘They can include, for example, drag queen references within songs. So if you’re doing something like Wheels On The Bus, you can sing, “The skirt on the drag queen goes swish, swish, swish.”

‘The parents love it, and the children love it too – especially when you’ve got a six-year-old boy there in a princess dress which he isn’t allowed to wear at home because his dad doesn’t like it.’

The drag queens also have ‘a library with books which focus on LGBT rights, feminist fairy tales and trans-rights issues,’ said Canham.

The aim of Drag Queen Story Times is, according to its website 'we aim to capture the imagination and fun of the gender fluidity of childhood while giving children a glamorous, positive unabashedly queer role model'

‘On trans-themes, we’ve got a book called Introducing Teddy where the teddy realises she’s a girl teddy, not a boy teddy, and is worried her owner won’t like her any more. It’s a cute book,’ he said.

June O’Sullivan, chief executive of LEYF, said: ‘By providing spaces in which children are able to see people who defy rigid gender restrictions, it allows them to imagine the world in which people can present [themselves] as they wish.’

She told BBC London radio it was good to expose very young children to men who dress as women, ‘because children are very open until about three’.

At least they’re open about their brainwashing intentions!

A few critics has said the sessions could ‘blind impressionable children of two and three to one of the most basic facts of human existence’.

Norman Wells, director of the Family Education Trust, said: ‘One of the most disturbing things about the transgender agenda is the way that it tries to distort our perception of reality and deny something as fundamental as the distinction between male and female.’

That is putting it mildly! How can anyone even discuss the homosexualisation of toddlers? This is not a debating matter, this is pure evil! The question is, will the parents meekly accept this, or take their children away from this mental paedophilia.

On the very same day as this shocking case of psychological child-molesting emerged, news broke that the Catholic Church has also surrendered to another part of the cultural Marxist attack on Christian values in schools.

Following a recent decision by a Government watchdog, the Catholic Education Service is drafting a new form for its 2,230 schools which drops ‘father’ and ‘mother’ and instead simply refers to “the family”.

The move has been blasted as “a capitulation to a form of politically correct fascism” by one education expert.

Parents applying to the Holy Ghost Roman Catholic Primary School in Wandsworth, southwest London, are required to fill out admissions paperwork to register their child.

The current form has spaces for the names of the “mother/guardian” and “father/guardian”.

But following a complaint from a parent, the school was referred to the Schools Adjudicator on the grounds the terms discriminated against “separated, step and gay parents”.

And last month, adjudicator Peter Goringe upheld the objection.

Explaining how he came to the decision in his ruling, he wrote: “In the absence of any clarification of the term ‘parent’, the use of the words ‘mother’ and ‘father’ might, as the objector suggests, be taken to imply that the school is restricting its definition.”

Hundreds of the Catholic Education Service’s schools across England and Wales have already reportedly replaced “mother” and “father” with “parent one” and “parent two”, or simply “parent/s”.

GChris McGovern, chairman of the Campaign for Real Education, told The Sunday Times: “To ensure fairness, we should not be placing ‘mother’ and ‘father’ on a list of forbidden words.

“We should, instead, be accommodating these cherished foundation stones of our civilisation within the admissions system.

“The decision to remove them is profoundly undemocratic and illiberal and is a capitulation to a form of politically correct fascism.”

Image result for millstone around neck

Indeed it is. And, of course, after a few ritual moans from the right-wing press, these two latest steps forward for the anti-Christian revolution will be forgotten and consolidated, and the cultural Marxists and their homosexualist allies will move on to the next target. And on and on.

This evil is too deeply entrenched, and has too much support among even the ‘conservative’ section of the elite, for it to be resistible. The only solution is to get your children away from it. You can do this through home-schooling, or by moving to a sane nation in central Europe. There is no feasible alternative. So which is it to be?

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