Home Christian Values Italian Archbishop: “We are Witnessing the Slow Islamization of Our World”

Italian Archbishop: “We are Witnessing the Slow Islamization of Our World”


This unusual clarity and commonsense emerged last month when the Fede Quotidiana [Daily Faith] interviewed Monsignor Carlo Liberati, archbishop and Prelate Emeritus of Pompei. Now is a very good day to ponder the wise Archbishop’s message further….

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Excellency, can we still define Europe as Christian?

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“Seeing some laws and the mode of life many people have who also define themselves as Christian, it is permitted to have strong doubts. In many cases, we live as if God didn’t exist, secularism and relativism are advancing. All of that, weak faith, favours Islam.”

What do you mean?

They, the Muslims, in their vision of the world, which obviously cannot be shared, they believe, they are coherent, they pray. And this situation of moral decadence in the West makes them stronger and more convinced. The advance of Islam is also the responsibility of we Christians. We are witnessing a slow process of Islamisation of our world and I fear that, through demography, sooner or later they will be the majority.

Islam, is it compatible with our way of life?

Islam is not just a religion, but a system of life and it is necessary to understand that. It has values that are in many ways incompatible with ours. I am thinking of the concept of matrimony and the role of the woman who for many Muslims is an object of sexual satisfaction. I think that, if they become a majority, all of that will be very dangerous. The story of others teaches us that Islam has always sought to subjugate the West and to attack it. The battle of Lepanto is an example. I hope the West knows how to react to this Islamic offensive which has religion as its motivation.

Is dialogue with Islam possible?

I think it’s good to seek it but only on the basis of parity or reciprocity, concepts that elude Muslims. They want rights? OK, but there are duties. I don’t feel myself to be a slave of Islam and I ask at least for the same dignity. They believe themselves to be superior by nature and for the same reason they want to dominate, they are often arrogant.”

What to do about immigration?

Charity and justice are a duty without any discrimination. However I have the feeling that there is a tendency to privilege those who from afar compared to those who are close by, that is to say Italians. Charity begins with neighbours above all and even to my fellow clergy I say remember the words of Scripture: love your neighbour as you would yourself. It is fundamental to love yourself.

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