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New Year’s Eve Chaos Threat Stalks Germany [video]


NEW YEAR’S Eve organisers in central Berlin have introduced a ‘women-only’ safe zone at Sunday night’s celebrations.

The move is intended to prevent a repeat of the spate of sexual assaults on women revellers at New Year celebrations in Cologne two years ago.

Up to one million people are expected to attend Berlin’s open-air celebrations at the Brandenburg Gate and Victory Monument landmarks, which include fireworks and pop acts. Join today

The women’s safety area has been set up by the German Red Cross at the request of Berlin police, and will be located in tents around 100 metres from the Brandenburg Gate.

A spokeswoman for the celebrations said: “There will be three to four helpers who are specially trained and can look after women who feel harassed or threatened.”

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Similar measures have been in place at other events across Germany after a shocking number of sexual offences on New Year’s Eve 2015-16, notably in Cologne.

Hundreds of women reported sexual assaults and robberies by men at Cologne’s public New Year’s Eve event in 2015, where huge crowds were uncontrolled by a relatively small police presence. More than 2,000 men were involved in the crimes. Around 120 suspects were identified, most of whom were foreign nationals who were also new arrivals to Germany.

The fact that huge numbers of young women were also sexually assaulted and raped in Berlin was hushed up by the liberal media for months, and the German state still refuses to admit to the scale of the problem – let alone what or who lies behind it.

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