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This Is Belonging – British Army [video]

Two hundred and twenty military personnel from Joint Helicopter Command (JHC) made up of elements from Commando Helicopter Force (CHF) headquarters; 846 Naval Air Squadron and 659 Squadron 9 Regiment Army Air Corps are currently deployed in Norway undertaking pre-deployment (PDT) and environmental training (EVT). Situated some 200 miles inside the Arctic Circle at the Joint Helicopter Command (JHC) training facility near Bardufoss, Northern Norway, the JHC base known as 'Clockwork' provides survival and operational training and support facilities to enable aviation capable units arms to survive, operate and fight in extreme cold weather environments. JHC 'Clockwork' has provided Joint Helicopter Command with an Arctic flying base for over 40 years the training provided by the facility is as relevant today as it has always been, as it enables military personnel to prepare for future operations. Photograph shows Joint Helicopter Command (JHC) personnel on Cold Weather Survival Course (CWSC) near Bardufoss northern Norway

This is a gritty and clever recruitment video put out by the British Army. 

A sense of belonging and the experience of real comradeship is something that is sadly lacking for all too many young men in decadent and soft, feminised liberal societies.

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We recommend that ALL teenagers should join the Forces cadets, and that all young men should join the Army Reserve. It’s the only legal and sensible way to train for what is coming to the West….

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