Home immigration Mob attempts to lynch female police officer – shocking video

Mob attempts to lynch female police officer – shocking video


Fresh evidence of the collapse of France into barbarism has come from a horrifying video of a female police officer and her boss being beaten in a Paris suburb early on New Year’s Day.

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The incident took place in the early hours of Monday following an emergency call in Champigny-sur-Marne, an area to the south-east of the city.

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The unnamed police officer was filmed by gang members as she was kicked around by the attackers. The footage was then uploaded onto the internet by the group.

When the police arrived at the scene, they too were attacked.

The thugs filmed themselves stamping on the woman, who tried to cover herself as she is relentlessly beaten.

She was the driver of the duty police captain, who was also beaten up, yet this attack was not filmed.

At one stage, her colleague appears so badly beaten up that he takes his gun out his holster, but does not let off a shot.

Sooner or later, that sort of pathetic PC behaviour is going to have to change! Self-defence is no offence – even for French police officers!

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